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Tripping On Evil #1

Tripping On Evil

There are drugs out there that can kill you in the black market. You can purchase these drugs on the deep dark web in a forum called “The Chaos Challenge”. When you sign on to the forum you can buy all kinds of illegal drugs and have them shipped to your house by an anonymous sender. The admin was the owner of the forum and his name was Damien. The drug becomes deadly by a combination of mushrooms called “Deadly Shrooms” and “Satan's Bible” Which is a booklet of 10 acid sheets. The challenge is if you mix these two drugs together and survive you will earn a prize. The prize is any wish your heart desires, so far nobody has survived to claim the prize. People dismiss this as a legend and internet hoax to scare people from logging on to the dark web.

#1 The Trap House

“Our package has arrived!” Randy screams with excitement as he’s ready for the trippy experience. All seven boys were drug dealers that loved to experiment new drugs. The package came in a big black box with the Deadly Shrooms in a bag and Satan's Bible tucked in the bottom as a book of acid sheets. Randy took both of the drugs out and placed them on the table in the front room.
“Today boys, we become men.” Randy said with a grin on his face. Tony was the biggest crack head of the group. Tony took two sheets of acid from Satan’s Bible and said, “Boy I hope this does something.”
There were two couches and an LA-Z Boy Chair in the front room. Tony was sitting comfortably in the LA-Z Boy, he chewed the shrooms after he licked two sheets of acid. All seven of them mixed the shrooms with the acid and waited to see what was gonna happen...
A rainbow appeared in the front room and out of the kitchen came marshmallows with gooey arms carrying tooth picks. They all hopped on the table and started dancing while everyone freaked out but in a good way. They started screaming, “Lolly Doll! Lolly Doll! Lolly Doll!” As the marshmallows danced happily on the table. Tony picked one up and said, “Hey little fella.” Then he ate the marshmallow, the marshmallow screamed with pain while he was being chewed by Tony.
“What the hell is going on?” Panicked Arthur.
Roddy laughed, “I have no clue but these marshmallows are freaking me out!”
The marshmallows stopped dancing as they saw Tony pick one of them up and began to munch on him. The marshmallows started to weep and the tears began to melt quickly on the table.
“Good going Tony! You killed them!” Said Mercer as he got up and rushed to the bathroom.
“I wonder what his problem is?” Snarked Tony as he leaned back in his LA-Z boy chair.
The Sun was vanishing quickly...It was almost pitch dark outside. The walls trickled with with blood as they all heard laughter from various spaces.
The LA-Z boy suddenly came to life, the arms stretched over Tony trapping him. Tony couldn’t move as the front cushion formed a mouth and started munching on him as his body folded in half with his legs and stomach on the same half was being chewed up by the chairs vicious teeth. Blood was squirting everywhere as the LA-Z boy gobbled up Tony, everyone freaked out about the chair came to life and eating their buddy. Jeremy jumped off the couch and flipped over the chair as it spewed out blood and bones all over in the front room.
A shadow appeared as Jeremy stood in the front room alone.
“Hi my name is.” Said the shadow man figure as it exploded into a bunch of black hairy spiders with huge green eyes, they all jumped on Jeremy. The hideous green eyed spiders started to devour Jeremy. They covered his body completely, hundreds of them like a great moving blanket. They munched their way through his skin and muscle leaving just a carcass. The spiders then dissolved like liquid muck through the floor leaving a giant hole in their wake.
Antonio and Rev leapt off the couch and raced to the kitchen to exit through the back door. When they got to the kitchen they were dismayed to find the pathway to the back door blocked with ice that had spewed out from the fridge.
Suddenly the oven cane to life, Antonio and Rev looked at each other startled, the oven started to talk.
“Hello Boys.” The oven said as flames were coming out of the ovens mouth.
“What is this?” Questioned Rev.
The big black greasy oven chuckled as he told the boys to look inside his mouth for the answers.
“No way man! Are you crazy?” Snapped Rev.
“What is this man? Is this shit really happening?” Asked Antonio.
“Look boys, I have a pile of cash inside of me.”
Rev shoved Antonio out of the way to reach for the cash. He scooped it all out and showed Antonio, he Said, “Ah! Man look at this we have loot!”
Antonio then leaned down and looked inside the oven he saw nothing but gold.
“I’m going in.” Yelled Antonio.
“Hey man let's not be greedy bro.” Replied Rev, Antonio Pretended to be eaten by the mouth while snatching the gold.
“See man, don’t trip, this oven is cool bro.” Antonio Said, as he was holding all the gold. Antonio slipped on the ice that the fridge was still throwing out filling the kitchen even more.  
The oven opened its mouth as fire rose inside Antonio was sucked into the oven.
The oven bit down on Antonio and chopped him in half, Rev pulled him out and noticed that Antonio no longer had legs. Rev panicked and dropped Antonio as the oven sucked the rest of his body in and ate him. The oven chuckled as the ice froze everywhere. Rev made it to the end of the kitchen leading to the front room whilst all the other guys were still on the couch mesmerized by a dancing mermaid that was inside the fish tank in mucky pink water. The pink muck covered her skin but her features were of a gorgeous woman.
“Guys!” Rev yelled he was stuck in the Kitchen, he fell forward, both of his feet were trapped in the ice Revs feet snapped off and he crawled away in excruciating pain.
The mermaid then looked at him and started to hiss. She then leapt out of the fish tank and landed on Rev clawing him to death. Her mouth opened wide and she began to swallow Rev, the other two ran out of the front room in fear.
They tried the front door and realised they were stuck in the trap house. They then heard screaming from Arthur in the bathroom.
Arthur was trapped in the tub and couldn’t move, the tub grew vines to keep him strapped to it. The head of the shower was spraying out acid and Arthur was melting to his death. The bathroom started to fill up with acid it overflowed out of the tub.
Rodger and Cliff were the only two alive in the house as the shadow man figure appeared in front of them.
“Hello boys.” The shadow man figure said in a whisper.  
Cliff panicked and started to run up the stairs as the stairs transformed into a huge cheese grater that sliced Cliff into pieces, he fell to the bottom of the stairs all cut up.
Cliff got up, he was bleeding everywhere, blood gushed out of his ripped to pieces skin.
The shadow man appeared at the top of the stairs and yelled out here comes, “Mr. Slaaaankey.”
As a huge toy slinky started to tumble down the stairs full stop. The slinky wrapped itself around. Cliff trapping him within it, it tightened around him cutting him up, blood was squirting in all directions.
Rodgers was the last person standing.
“What is this, I must know before I die!”
The shadow man looked at him and said nothing, just glared at him his eyes changing colors.
Rodgers rushed at the shadow man to see if he could catch him off guard but as soon as he tackled him he disappeared into thin air with a poof.
Rodger started hearing little girls singing a song in his head. He looked over his shoulder and saw a little girl holding a teddy bear that had no face. It was just plain white and it was looking directly at him. She then pointed, Rodger saw a shadow behind him starting to get bigger.
Rodger rushed at the little girl and whipped out his huge combat knife and stabbed her right in the face, it felt like stabbing a doll.
He yanked out the knife as a bunch of giant purple ants started pouring out.
He heard a voice in his head again as the girls stopped singing.
“You shouldn’t have not of done that!, You shouldn’t have not of done that!, You shouldn’t have not of done that!” Repeated over and over again as the ants started crawling up his body.
Rodger rushed towards the bathroom as the purple ants were poisoning him with pain and taking big chunks out of his body. He tried to open the door but it was sealed, he felt his legs just collapse to the floor as the purple ants gathered on his face devouring it off.
None of them survived and all of them died from the trippy experience. Think twice about drugs kids! Tripping on Evil is no good!


Written By Ry (Ryan Wilson)
Edited By Julez (Julia Eleftheriou)

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