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Tripping On Evil #1

Tripping On Evil
There are drugs out there that can kill you in the black market. You can purchase these drugs on the deep dark web in a forum called “The Chaos Challenge”. When you sign on to the forum you can buy all kinds of illegal drugs and have them shipped to your house by an anonymous sender. The admin was the owner of the forum and his name was Damien. The drug becomes deadly by a combination of mushrooms called “Deadly Shrooms” and “Satan's Bible” Which is a booklet of 10 acid sheets. The challenge is if you mix these two drugs together and survive you will earn a prize. The prize is any wish your heart desires, so far nobody has survived to claim the prize. People dismiss this as a legend and internet hoax to scare people from logging on to the dark web.
#1 The Trap House
“Our package has arrived!” Randy screams with excitement as he’s ready for the trippy experience. All seven boys were drug dealers that loved to experiment new drugs. The package came in a big black box…