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Massage Or Murder

Massage Or Murder +18 (THIS IS RAW/UNCUT)

Let me tell you a story. I know you have heard of “Happy Ending” but have you heard of triggering a Happy Ending to become the Deadly Ending? Let me tell you a story about Massage Or Murder.

Aleena was a shy girl. Originally from Tennessee, she moved to Florida when she was sixteen. Aleena was very attractive and became very popular with the boys. Aleena grew up a nympho and used sex to gain what she desired in life. Breaking down men’s egos, she tore down the foundation of what a man had built. She was wicked and suffered from heavy depression from leaving Tennessee when she left her best friend Yoder. 

A schizophrenic, and some would label her a sexy psychopath. When she turned 18, she returned to Tennessee to find her man Yoder but never could she do so because he moved to California, so she returned to Florida. At 19 she started at a massage parlor and has worked there for 6 years now; at the age of 25. This helped her cope with her deep depression and made her cured from mental illness. She was normal and contributing to society. 

However, that would all change. One day she met a client that she knew for two years. Mistake signals led to her being raped by this client which triggered a psychological rage against men. Through this experience she decided to quit her occupation and find a new career. After two years of searching for jobs and having troubles to make both ends meet, she gets a once in a lifetime opportunity, from Yoder, of all people, that owns his own massage parlor. She boards a plane and arrives at California. She will now work again being a massage therapist. Will this work out better than last time or will she be encountered with danger?

First Patient (Aleena POV). 

My first patient was a skinny surfer kid in his early twenties. I was nervous because I haven't done this in two years. I had to prepare myself for this because I didn't want to touch another man. The rape has turned me into a person who doesn't want to be touched by the male species at all. I took a deep breath and headed in the room where I felt my feet getting heavy with every step. I see the guy lying on the bed face down with only a towel over his body. 

(The First Session Back). Let Me Tell You The Story. 

This was the guy’s first massage ever, and he was very nervous. Not knowing the women was a psycho, and that she was too very nervous. Aleena started from the bottom of the legs and worked her way up to his buttocks. She was squeezing hard with every rub and circling her palms like a spider with the grab and go technique. She smiled as something triggered her brain to continue and to enjoy what she was doing. She was ecstatic and started gripping tighter and moving faster. She was now on his back with her hands cracking the bones and loosing up every muscle. 

The guy was speechless and very optimistic about the massage. Aleena rubbed him down good and was now in the mood to continue this job she once enjoyed and was very happy doing it. The guy was going to ask a question but fumbled his words and simply said, 

"Thank you so much for this wonderful massage." 

It seemed like he didn't get the courage to mustard up a question but never the less he left with a huge smile on his face and was in the best mood feeling really good about himself which in return made Aleena felt great about herself. 

(Patient 2). Aleena’s Point Of View. 

“Oh no!”, I thought as this guy with huge muscles came stumbling in. 

Smelling the alcohol from his breath from a great distance I knew this wasn’t going be pretty. I just thought to do my job and I can get out of here.

The guy looked at me and smiled and said, “I don’t remember seeing a pretty lady like you in a place like this.” 

I swallowed and said, “Sir what would you like?” I tried to keep it professional as I could and trying to remember how I handle situations like this of a patient being drunk. The guy looked at me with his brown blackish eyes and said, “Just a rub down for my old cranky body.” I thought no problem I can do that. Maybe I was overreacting and this guy was being friendly. After all he has come here before referring earlier that he never seen a girl like me. I guess my prettiness threw him off. I started rubbing his back with my strong hands as he was grunting like a elephant choking on a peanut with every rub; he was now moaning real loud. He shouted, “Oh my you are the best!!¡¡” 

This kind of made me mad so I started rubbing his muscles on his leg harder and really rubbing them down; grabbing them and pinching them to relax the nerves. The guy was in full relaxation mode and he was grunting louder and louder as I finished his legs and was working on his shoulders. His shoulders were really tight and I was working to loosen them up. I can tell he was loving this as he was getting louder and louder. Finally I had to finish up and stop as this was getting awkward. 

He stood up and removed his towel, and asked, “Oh are we finished here?” I looked at him with a strange look on my face trying to not glance at his genitals. “Oh baby, how about a happy ending?” 

I was shocked at this point. I tried to swallow at this point but I couldn’t as I saw darkness clouded the room. What is going on I thought in my head?

I was walking seductive towards the man as I pushed his head back and told him to relax. I then jumped on him and bent down to his head and whispered in his ear, “I am going to rock your world!” 

I then got off him and took off my clothes, as I stripped down naked. I told him to flip over as I will give him a special massage that will fulfill his wildest fantasies. He turned over, as he threw his towel on the floor, naked, lying in front, down. I went to my chore, and I took out two items, a strap-on dildo and a butcher knife. I took the butcher knife and stabbed him in the back. He screamed with nothing but tears coming from his eyes as the screams echoed throughout the hallways of the place. I then strapped on my strap-on dildo and penetrated his asshole. 

Every scream he let out I muffled it with both of my hands as I was lying on his back, thrusting my strap-on and burying the butcher knife deeper and deeper in his back. You can say, “I fucking killed him.” When I came too, I noticed he was dead. I checked his pulse, he was stone cold dead. I wrapped the body up in plastic and took him out to the dumpster and dumped his body in the dumpster that was buried with a bunch of boxes. Wrapping around his plastic body making it look like it was just a bundle of cardboard boxes.

(Patient 3) Aleena POV. 

I couldn’t believe I was going on with this job after what I have just done. This is it, I have to quit now before this gets too deep (pun intended).

I may be in too deep now already. After all, I killed a man. I can go to prison for the rest of my life. The thought of prison haunted me and I had to make sure I did a great job at covering up whoever I killed. I couldn’t control this monster that was inside me. I just hope that trigger phrase is not said to me again. I had to take the rest of the day off after I murdered one of my patients. I didn’t tell anybody, but I had a feeling somehow, someway, in some sort of strange feeling I had, that Yoder knew. In the back of my mind I was thinking Yoder is somehow behind the murders and I am under a strange spell.

Regardless of all this I must continue my work and continue on doing what I do best. The next patient was the quiet type. He Really didn’t say nothing and just sat down on the table with his towel over his bare naked body. 

I quietly walked over to him and cleared my throat and asked, “What would it be today sir?” He looked at me with a puzzled look on his face and asked, “Well you don’t look familiar, where’s Tiffany?”

I had no clue who he was talking about because I was new but I was assuming that was the girl that was just fired. 

I simply replied in a soft voice, “Sir I don’t think she works here anymore. Are you comfortable with me doing your massage today?” He looked at me with a smile and said, “Well you are more prettier than the Tiffany anyway so this will be fun.” My eyes felt like they were going to pop out of my sockets as he said that. 

I guess my beauty attracts the darkest of man. The city of angels now had a demon in their mix.

I started rubbing him down as I felt my mind wander off thinking, “What if I get caught? What if they find me? What if someone finds the body? My fingerprints are all over the body…”

I really couldn’t focus on the guy and I was just rubbing away and the last time I glanced at the clock it was 2:12 pm, now it’s 2:51 pm. I have been rubbing this guy down for quite some time now, with my mind racing all over the place. I said in a quiet soft voice, “I think we are done here sir.” 

He looked at me and laughed, asked, “Well that was amazing and now I was wondering just like Tiffany if you could give me a happy ending?” I looked at him and asked, “What kind of place do you think this is?” I then looked around the room and saw darkness start to creep in. He then grabbed my head real quick and started to push my head towards his dick. I couldn’t believe it, as my head and mouth was pushed against his dick as I felt the dick enter my mouth. I quickly raised my head and slapped him. He then chuckled at me and said, “Oh baby I love it when they tease at first.” I then kicked him in the head and knocked him out with a cold swift kick to the temple. 

He woke up tied down on the bed as I was wearing nothing but my bra and panties, and oh yeah, my strap on dildo. It was my precious baby, that dildo. I then jammed the strap on dildo in his mouth and started to fuck his mouth raw. 

I can hear him screaming but it was so muffled with a huge dildo dick in his mouth. I yelled at him, “How you like this happy ending now?” 

The guy was now crying as his teeth were now starting to rip out his mouth as I thrusted the hardest I could with the dildo in his mouth. I was now on top of him thrusting my dildo in his mouth breaking out all his teeth. I took a pair of plyers and loosened his teeth when he was asleep from the knock out. I am glad he woke up as I was fucking his mouth raw. I wanted him to feel this pain that I was delivering to him. I wanted him to know that a woman is not a piece of material you can just ask for pleasures by paying us money. 

Women have dignity and pride. I pulled out the strap on dildo, as blood started pouring out his mouth. 

I said to him, “I know how to stop that bleeding.” I then climbed on top of him and started dropping my ass on his face. 

After a couple of bounces I just lied on his face as he was suffocating trying to breathe. He started squirming as he choked on his blood and teeth and was inhaling nothing but my asshole. Finally with the last squirm he had in his body he choked to death on his blood and teeth with my ass pressing against his mouth. I just killed my second patient. I now knew I am twisted and there is something wrong with me…


  1. I say! I say! What in tardination is going on in here?

  2. “What would it be today sir?”


  3. Be funny if he's like just do me in the butthole lmao

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    1. I agree. I barely go on the site and it's been a while since I've been on here but much has changed, even just recently, for the positive. XD Cheers. /\/\/\ <(())> - SeTh

    2. I agree. I barely go on the site and it's been a while since I've been on here but much has changed, even just recently, for the positive. XD Cheers. /\/\/\ <(())> - SeTh

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  7. LOL Snowflakes mad at this one bruh!!

  8. I came back to say.........OH MY!

  9. what the fuck is wrong with you

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