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Mental Mayhem

Nikaro! The Story Of The Retarded Killer! 

     The People of Shiloh, Tennessee use to think he was a mental retard. Other People of the town speculate that the character that Nikaro portrays is a gimmick to get away with cold-blooded murder. Nikaro is nocturnal, an insane insomniac that isolates himself from society for being mentally handicap. Would his murders be justifiable if they were acts of protecting his mother from the terrible pain of having to live in horrible situations every day? Just for being the way they are and being forced to stay in a society that is full of sick venomous people preventing them from leaving. 


     My adventure starts by meeting the ‘Killers Mother’. Brenda. 36-year old woman that is in the toughest scenario to escape that she has ever been in her life. She lives in constant fear and often feels hopeless having a son who is not much help either when it comes to contributing. Brenda had to deal with the grief of giving birth to a stillborn. Going through tragic events in her life as one of her children died in a car accident. Brenda, a lonely Mother whose husband was killed by the Family who holds her and her son hostage inside that twisted town called Shiloh. Something strange happened to Nikaro and I am still trying to figure out what bizarre event or substance changed this boy to become one of the most sneakiest killers of all time. Could it be that her family was cursed or hunted down by some demons? Then again I don’t even believe in the Paranormal World.
     The reason why I am writing this story is to inform the public about the horrific series of events that happened within a span of a month. The facts are so disturbing it makes me sick to my stomach. I couldn’t make the arrest for I was never granted the warrant to arrest Nikaro. I believe all in my heart that the boy was guilty. Nikaro was the sneakiest demented demon boy I ever met putting me in the position of failure and labeled as a bad detective. The people of America turned on me for wanting to charge the murders on Nikaro. I am now hated by many and I receive a bunch of death threats on a regular bases. I have to write this story to clear my name and to tell the public the truth about Nikaro and how he got away with murder to aid his Mother in becoming retired and well off for the rest of her life. The reason I have no doubt that Nikaro is the killer is because I was having dreams of the events that unfolded before my very eyes witnessing that Nikaro is indeed the killer. I have no clue if this was some kind of paranormal world inside my dreams for the victims that had to face these horrible deaths or If I am just crazy that my conscience and mind took a deep spin into these cases that I'm dreaming the sceneries.


     Clear skies, cozy weather that is just right, not too hot not too cold. The scene on the other hand was terrible. Poor Brenda was the chaperone for this event and she was bullied into doing so to make the town happy. Working and slaving away she had to prepare the big lunch feast and watch over the children. One of the snotty mothers walked up to her and said, "May what a day it is too bad a mental birth Mother has to be here to spoil the fun."

     Brenda replied, "I don't want to be here as much as you don't like for me to be here."

     The two awkwardly stared at each other as Disarray the snotty mother started walking towards the out house where the restrooms were in the beautiful park.

     Nikaro followed Disarray to the outhouse where he followed her to the women's restroom.

     She was walking to the stall as she noticed that Nikaro followed her in there as she yelled at him to get out. Nikaro laughed and yelled as he ran out.

      She was now alone and she waited a few seconds before she sat down to make sure Nikaro had really left the room. She checks underneath her stall towards the door to make sure he had left the restroom. No sign of him anywhere so she felt comfortable and started to sit down on the toilet. Taking that last deep breath of air for a sign of relief she suddenly feels a sharp pain down by her ankles as Nikaro grabs her and screams as she screams, "What are you doing you stupid lunatic!"

     Nobody could hear her scream as she was peeing as Nikaro grabbed her ankle and started to squeeze really really tight with incredible strength he snapped her ankle as she was finishing peeing. She went to stand stand up and she fell down hitting her head on the toilet as she lost her balance. She was dazed, placing her hands in front of her face to regain focus. Nikaro went in the stall laughing as he started to stomp on her face. As he was jumping on her back she was screaming for him to get off in fear for her unborn baby. Nikaro didn't listen he just kept jumping on her back screaming, "oh how fun, it's fun, we having fun. Fun, fun, Fun!

     He just kept saying the word “Fun.” Jumping carefree and having fun on her back. He then got on her back and started smashing her head on the floor knocking her out. He then grabbed her head and stuck in the toilet and screamed, "Swirly!" As Nikaro suffocated her underwater killing her As Nikaro suffocated her underwater killing her, he stood up, but before leaving, he turned and said:

    "Well that was fun, see ya."

     The scene was not only horrifying it was terrible to witness. I couldn't imagine being the victim in this scenario. The pain of having somebody carelessly jumping on your back while being pregnant must of been excruciating. I must bring justice for this victim but what is justice to the justice of revenge which is an eye for an eye in it's own twisted way.


     Mrs. Walters and her boy Chet. Chet was mentally handicap as well however he wasn't labeled as such and was treated better than Nikaro. Mrs. Walters lost her husband but Mr. Walters left her his whole estate and all his stuff for her and Chet. They lived happily while Nikaro lived ashamed which wasn't fair for Brenda. Poor Brenda. Mrs. Walters was sick and her son Chet couldn't take care of her so she had Brenda be her personal maid for a couple of days until she was back on her feet. 

       Brenda and Nikaro was over there to take care of her from the ordering of Mrs. Walters. For years she has been mistreating Brenda by using her as a maid and a crutch every time she's in a situation that requires help from somebody else. Soon after Brenda and Nikaro arrived Nikaro and Chet started playing right away. Chet who was an only child and felt powerful would bully Nikaro. Chet did this because he was bullied himself by other children in town. Chet had to feel superior over somebody instead of making a quality friendship where the two could of developed. Chet was acting more friendly then normal though perhaps the constant loneliness took a toll on him for he missed having fun. I guess he was finally in the mood to have a little fun so the boys played hide and seek in the basement while Mrs. Walters and Brenda were upstairs. Nikaro was the first to seek and Chet went to go hide. Nikaro could never be quiet long enough for Chett to find him, he would always give away his location by giggling when Chet was near so Chet decided to go hide first to start the game off.

     When Chet was hiding behind some boxes Nikaro snuck up between him with a huge metal mag flashlight he found laying on a shelf. Quietly he snuck up behind him as Nikaro was watching him look out in the open. Nikaro took the flashlight and struck it in the back of Chet’s head. All it took was three more strikes to the head and he busted his dome open with blood spilling out everywhere. Nikaro then started laughing and grabbed a jump rope and began to tie it around Chet’s neck as Chet was knocked out Nikaro began to drag him across the floor singing in a melody

     “This is so much fun Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” Repeating it again and again as Nikaro was spreading Chets blood all over the basement floor.

     Nikaro then picked Chet up and started walking towards a huge fire stove that was in the basement. Nikaro placed him the fire stove and stared at him as he was still singing his so much fun tune. Nikaro paused and then began to speak, “I will now light the torch to set the blaze!”

     Nikaro reaches for the can of gasoline and begins to pour it in the stove. Nikaro skipped happily over to the shelf singing his tune again and grabbed and a box of matches then skipped back over to the stove. Nikaro lit the match and threw it in the stove as flames burst to roast Chets body. Nikaro went over to the steps and poured gasoline all over the steps until it was empty and kept the matches in his pocket. Nikaro chuckled and dance happily as he rushed up stairs.

     “Momma!, We have to go now! Me need to go!” Nikaro said in a panic and started repeating the words, “Let's go Mom!”

     Brenda agreed as she was ready to leave too after her life was threatened by Mrs. Walters.

    As the two were walking towards the car Nikaro says to her that he will be right back and that he forgot something. Nikaro rushes in this house and explains to Mrs. Walters that she needs to go to the basement and call for Chet because he might be stuck. Mrs. Walters pats his head and begins walking towards the basement door. Nikaro grabs a huge bottle of wine from the counter and sneaks up behind her and whacks her with it over the head knocking her out and making her fall down the flight of stairs into the basement. He whips out the matches and strikes one and then throws it on the steps as he says,

     “I’ll see you two in hell, bye for now!”

     Slamming the door and running back towards the car, getting in he says to his mother that it's time to go. saying to his Mother that he was ready to go.

     The house was burned down by the inferno flames of destruction done by a mental handicap person and the whole foundation was reduced to ashes. We found no clues leading up to arrest. Anybody but the horrible dream I had after we investigated the house would say otherwise.


     The town was shook up from them two murdering events. Death has entered the Town of Shiloh and he came in a form that nobody would believe. Brenda had to do a task for Mason Buck who was the leader of bringing pain to Brenda. Mason was the reason she was enslaved and he has the police on his payroll including myself. Mason runs the Town as if he was the Mayor and uses his money wherever is needed in order to continue his success as the Towns leader. Mason has a strong despise and hatred for Brenda for rejecting him and not being one of the women of Shiloh to have sex with him given his power from his wealth. Mason barged right in the door and began to sexually harass Brenda. Mason was unaware that Nikaro was watching from a distance. Mason threw Brenda on the couch and started to take her pants off. He was about to have sex with her until Nikaro came up from behind and swung a steel bat as hard as he can swing and whacked the back Masons head. Brenda screamed as Nikaro asked, “Did I hit a home run Mommy?”

     Brenda was relieved that she wasn’t raped in her own home and began to panic as she didn’t know what to do now in this given situation. Mason was knocked out as Nikaro was dancing around the room celebrating with a steel bat in his hand. Nikaro was taking a victory around the house screaming,

     “I win I just hit a home run!” Over and over again as he was so excited.

     Brenda and Nikaro carry Mason to the garage and place Masons body in the trunk of her car. She then tells Nikaro to get in as they both drive to a bridge that belonged to a huge lake. Brenda and Nikaro carry Mason’s body over to the edge of the bridge and toss the body over to the lake. Then they quickly speed away from the scene and return back home.


      A week has passed at this point leading up to Nikaos final kill. It’s strange that Nikaro is the one killing just so his Mother could live in peace and not constant fear. If murder is the solution to the problem of being enslaved than I think a part of me would tell you that I am happy these events occurred in the way that they unfolded given the circumstances this poor women had to go through. I’ve been searching for the body in the lake ever since I had a dream about it. Another dream occurred while I was searching for the evidence to put away Nikaro for his crimes against humanity and breaking the law by murdering people. This dream was the most twisted dream I had in my entire life time. This dream was more like a nightmare and it created a strong compassion inside me for the victims. Brenda dropped off Nikaro at the babysitters house so she could go alone to a secret location that she never revealed.

      Nikaro was abused and mistreated by this elderly woman named Janelle and the other boy she watches named Billy, The town’s biggest bully. Upon the arrival of Nikaro you had to know that Billy was going make his time a living nightmare of hell. However this day may be different. Right away Billy pushed Nikaro as soon as he arrived to the house. Janelle laughed and said, “Now, now, you boys play fair okay?”

     Janelle then said, “Boys I am going take a shower and Billy please don’t be rough on Nikaro while I am not here.


         Shouted Billy as he plopped himself on the couch and began to operate the remote to watch television.

“I’ll be back boys, now you two play nice!”

        Janelle said as she began to walk towards her room into her bathroom. Billy continued to watch the television as Nikaro tiptoed into Janelles room and quietly shuts the door. Nikaro notices a huge hunters blade laying on a stand by the bed so he picks it up and begins to crawl into the bathroom. Janelle is singing in the shower as Nikaro flushes the toilet quickly as she pulls the curtains to see what was going on Nikaro jabbed in her throat with the hunters knife. The blade pierced right through her throat and cut off her air and ability to scream or shout for help. Nikaro was stabbing her as she fell down into the tub in a puddle of her own blood Nikaro was laughing as he was stabbing more and more times randomly in the body with the hunter's blade.

      Nikaro then left the room quietly and began to tiptoe towards the garage. Nikaro then found two huge ropes and some duct tape so he took the ropes and began walking into the living room where Billy was and quickly wrapped one of the ropes around him Billy as he was in the chair leaned back taking a nap. Nikaro quickly tied the knots and started duct taping him into the chair. Nikaro was spinning in a circle with the duct tape singing, “Get down! Get down!” In a weird melody pitch.

      Nikaro was finished wrapping him up making it impossible to move his arms, hands and body. Nikaro decided to begin his punishment for all the times Billy had bullied him in the past. Nikaro said to Billy slurring his words and stretching them out,

“You been a really baaaad boy! You are naughty! Naughty! Naaaaaaaaughty!”

      Nikaro then left the room and came back with a hammer. Nikaro then began to hammer his legs to avoid him kicking busting up his knees caps as Billy screamed in pain. Nikaro then slammed the hammer against Billy’s teeth every time he opened up his mouth. Trading blows with the knees, legs and teeth. Nikaro was viciously swinging away with the hammer that he knocked out all of Billy’s teeth and he was choking on his own teeth screaming in pain. Nikaro then started to hammer his throat forcing Billy to hear his own throat cracking with the whip of the hammer and loses his ability to swallow as he was just in shock enduring so much pain. Nikaro started screaming,

“This is how we hammer the head, hammer the head, this how we hammer the head, hammer the head all day and have fun and this the way we hammer the head!”

      Nikaro was relentless with the hammer not holding anything back as Billy finally passed out and when we arrived the house was reduced to rubble just like the previous house as the people of the Town labeled this mystery killer the “House Burner.” None of the cases were solved and no murders occurred after the death of Billy and Janelle.

      I collected evidence from my nightmares I explained to the Judge. I wanted a warrant to go to Brenda’s house and arrest Nikaro for the crimes he committed. The Judge laughed at me and the news made the Towns news paper which went viral all over the World that a detective believed these heinous crimes were committed by a mentally challenged handicapped person. Brenda of all people knew her son committed these crimes and for sure as put together that her Son saved her from enslavement by cruel people. The price they paid was years of karma building up waiting patiently for them to run out of luck so they could fulfill what forth these people were doing to this poor women and her Son. Death had enter the Town and it took no prisoners as it swept through the toxin and eliminated what was necessary in order for Brenda to have her freedom and not be enslaved or held captive as a tool for the Town. Brenda moved far away from Tennessee and began to travel North. Her whereabouts are unknown but she’s somewhere out there. There’s a women named Brenda and she has a Son thats named Nikaro, if you happen to spot them you better be nice and respectful and remember they are only human just like you or you might find yourself in a different situation with terrifying pain. Karma will transform in any form to get you and it will always get you.

~Written By: Ry 
~Edited By: DaBombz

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