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The Girl I Met ONLINE


Welcome To The RyFy Zone First Ever Horror Story That Trended. 
We Are Proud To Present The Most Twisted Erotica Story You Will Ever Read Online. Soon Enjoy And Remember If You Ever Meet A Women Like This, It's Best To Stay Away...

      I met a girl Online. I usually don't do those dating websites but my buddy insisted that I tried a local one that our old buddies created when they returned from college.
     We lived in a little town called Foxburn so they named the app, Find a 'Fox in the Burn.'

     Clever name I guess, so I downloaded it and I updated my profile, uploaded a few pics and wrote information about me, like my hobbies and interests. Then I start browsing through the profile pictures and I really didn't notice anyone I thought was attractive, so I quickly exited the application and put down my phone.
      That night I never checked the application and went to bed. When I awoke I had two notifications I noticed that was from the new application. One of them was a buddy request and a message. The message read, “Hi I am new in town and I was wondering if you would like to be my friend?” It was from Kody. Spelled K-O-D-Y. I didn't even know if this was a boy or not so I clicked on the profile to see who it was as I was trying to identify the person.
     To my surprise It was this gorgeous girl. She had tattoos all over her body that were black and pink ink. She had blonde hair with red and white streaks through it with a perfect body and smile. She looked well fit and most of her pictures were private to only "buddies". So I quickly click over to her request and accept. Now I saw everything. She had taken half naked pictures. She had an amazing body and a bunch of followers.

I send her a message back, "Hi I'm Alex, and I'll be glad to be your friend."
     I sent that hoping that didn't sound too corny. I was thinking maybe she just wants another follower so she looks good to whoever she's trying to attract.
     I waited and waited and finally gave up and thought yeap, just another attention whore wanting a follower. I began to resume my day. I ate breakfast and then hopped in the shower. When I went back into my room I noticed I had 3 notifications.
     It was her, it was Kody! She liked both of my pictures and sent me a reply back that read: “I think you’re so cute, would you like to hang out with me?” Right away my heart started to race. I could feel it in my throat.
Then I thought this is too good to be true. This person is going to kill me. I had to reply back so I thought of something clever. How do I know this is really you? Can you please send me a picture with my name Alex written on it? I replied back then she instantly replied and said I have one even better. I looked at it and paused and thought what does that mean?
     Then I heard a knock on my door. No way that could be her so I ran to the door and checked the peephole. Sure enough it was her standing there in short shorts and a tank top. I quickly answer the door. I looked at her and said, "Boy that was fast!"
     She smiled at me and then pushed me away with her hand to let herself in. She took a look around and said, “Wow you have a nice home.” I didn't know what to say and she smelt so good and looked so beautiful. I extended my hand and noticed it was shaking as I reached out to introduce myself. She looked at it and smiled and then reached out her hand and shook my hand.
     Well she said, “I guess this is it. What do you want to do?” She asked, with a curious look on her face? I had a million questions in my mind. Like how did you find me? Who are you? What are you doing here?
     I had to think of something and something quick. I looked at her, “I guess we could go for a walk and talk?” She agreed and we went out the door.
     We began to walk on a sidewalk that led to what we called trails; a huge lot full of woods and hikes you can take. I thought it would be fun to introduce her to my favorite trail. We began to walk. She was so quiet so I said, “So what do you want to know about me?”
     She stopped walking and looked at me and said, “I just think you're cute and I can't find a normal guy in this town so I decided to try you.” She then began to walk by my side, reaching out her hand. No way she wanted to hold hands like we were a couple.
     So to avoid any awkwardness I stuck out my hand and held hers. We began to walk towards the trails. I told her nervously, “Well we can walk my favorite trail.” She said “that sounds great”, and we began to walk the trail.
     I was totally silent. I didn't know what to say. It's like she had a tight grip on us holding hands. She stopped and smiled at me and said she would, get off trail, a little bit and shove a carrot with no point, in her ass? I'll “get off” to that, even if animals, including my fellow animals, humans, watch. O.o. I looked at her in shock. Maybe this will lead to something and man I been dry for two years now. So I said “alright let's go.”

     We get off trail and we notice a small pond that was pretty huge for a little pond. It was clean and clear, that was strange, and I kept wondering why I haven't noticed this before. She said, “Let's go off our grip.”, and then winks at me. She took off all her clothes and then jumped in the pond. She then looked at me and said “Ok, now it's your turn.” Right away my clothes were off and I jumped in that pond in a heartbeat.
     Now we were both in the pond. She then hooked me with her legs and started to climb on me. She whispered in my ear, "Let me get on your shoulders please." I dunked under and then lifted her up on my shoulders. She began to start splashing and having fun on my shoulders. Then she dunked me under water with the force of her legs. She began to squeeze my neck as I was under water.
      I began to panic and started to try to lift my head but I couldn't, it was stuck in between her tight gripped legs. I can hear her laughing as she finally let go and I gasped for air as I lifted my head up. Before I could yell, 
    “What the Hell was that?!?!”,
    She dunked me under again climbing on my back and pulling back. This time I was under water with her as she had her legs strapped across my body. I couldn't escape. I began to panic again. I heard her laughing now under the water!
     This was sick and I had to get out so I tried really hard to get her legs off me but they wouldn't budge. Finally she let go and I began to swim to reach surface and I did. She then laughed at me and said, “Boy I thought you were tough.” That kind of struck a nerve so I got frustrated and said, “I am tough I'll show you.” She then got out of the water and began to put her clothes back on. She looked at me and said, “Alright big boy let's go. I'm sorry I scared you like that.” We went back to my house and all I could think was what in the world did I get myself into.
     We returned and she just got in her car and left. She smiled at me and then winked and drove off.
     That night I went to bed. I woke up to hear rocks being thrown at my window, it was Kody. I opened up the window and told her it was late and I had a big day tomorrow. Which I didn't but I tried to get her off my back so I can sleep. She said “fine” and began to storm off. I heard her slam her car door and drive off. I felt relieved and went back to bed.
     I woke up the next day and there she was staring at me with a tray in her hands. She was wearing nothing but a brawl and panties both pink and black matching her tats. I stuttered my words but I said, “How are you?” She then walked over to me and placed the tray on my lap and said, "eat up". The tray had a huge plate with two eggs and three sausage links with a side of six bacon strips. She had a side plate with two pieces of toast lightly buttered on the side of the big plate. A glass of milk and a glass of orange juice. I ate it all and drank the orange juice. I was full at this point. I looked at her and said “thanks.”

     I got up and felt light headed and began to walk down my hallway as she followed. I just got dizzy and started to pass out.
    When I woke up I was tied to my bed. Kody then came in the room dressed in all leather. I thought this couldn't be good. She began to whip me and leave nasty welts on my body. She whipped me about thirty five times. I know because I counted each one as they whipped my skin peeling it. I screamed like a little girl with every swing she took. I began to plead with her! “Please Kody stop!” She didn't though, she just kept on whipping me.
     Finally she stopped but then she put a cloth over my face and she knocked me out again. I woke up lying on my couch but I couldn't move. I was wrapped up in tight rope. She then entered the room and sat on my face because I was screaming. She muffled my sound and sat on my face for hours. She just sat there watching TV and ever so often asked me if this was fun.
     Then, she got up from my face and said “well good night.” Lastly, it was her who just left me there tied up on the couch. Luckily my brother came over around 9 to check up on me because I wasn't answering my phone. He untied me and I called the police to file a report and get a restraining order on Kody. But when I went to show the cops the profile on the dating web site it was gone and deleted.




  2. LOL@ALEX I swear that wasn't me ry ry but yeah stay away from them girls online

  3. This could happen...

  4. let me grab some tissues beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeotch

  5. That bitch! I hate that bitch! lol

  6. hahahahahaha somebody needs laid :)

  7. did I really just stay and read this story twice

    what is wrong with me XD

    1. I had to because I was like did this really happen.

  8. Block party up in here! Or is it a orgy?

  9. Reading the story aswell as comments bring impact to this story

  10. Killer Kody! Look's like there needs to be a part 2

  11. If you lick the stim of the stick you will see the color of the light

  12. what did I just read

  13. You mad bro? oh no

  14. Thank you creepy's for your support :)

  15. I love the new picture! WAY BETTER :)

  16. Shit is getting out of hand in this one

  17. hahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  18. LOL I am on a reading terror in the RyFy zone and this story was good

  19. this comment section is fucking trippin ballz

  20. LOL only at the RyFy Zone.......................folkz!

  21. UPDATED****** > Your Welcome >

  22. I say this is where the rabbit hole begins huh?


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