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The Last Ride

Welcome To A Brand New Series THAT You Can Only Find @ The RyFy Zone. It's Called Short And Sweet. Ooops I met Short and Creepy. Brand New Series Launched on November 11th 2017. 11/11. You In For A Treat! Because These Stories Can Come From Anyone And Anything. A Bird, A Tree, A Bumble Bee, A Deer, A Ghost, A Lake, A Person, A Hospital, A Graveyard, A Telephone, A Cell Phone, A Monkey, A Mail Men, A Dentist, A Dead Person, A Orc, A Raven, A Cloud, A Flower, And A Snowman! The Road, The Street, The Sidewalk, The Moon, The Sun and The Train! CHOO! CHOO! So Buckle Up Buckaroo's as I Welcome You To Short And CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPY!  

          It all started from this weird dream. In this dream I would die. Well, silly thing is and kind of awkward. I died. But let me tell you how I die and how strange this was to end my life before I think it even got started. Let me give you more details about this dream, I was going to die at my favorite amusement park I only had one more chance to go to the park of my childhood before I headed off to college for four years. Feeling ominous as a huge thunder head looking for action. My mind feels entombed under deep thoughts of this dream. I was going on my favorite ride and it malfunctioned and killed me. Then I woke up shaking and tried to go back to sleep but then in twenty minutes I saw the sunrise and I began my day.    
         I will not die I think to myself. There is no way I die from a dream. No way that dream forecasted my future and predicted my death. I won’t believe it. I went because I had to it was my destiny to feel more exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. I couldn’t think straight and I went straight to my ride where I died in my dream. Let’s get this over with I thought to myself. My brother, somehow, some way swayed me into going another ride because the line was so big and it would of took 50 minutes to get on.
I went with him and jumped on a ride that only took 20 minutes. This ride was called “Beastarama 3” I loved it too, but it wasn’t my favorite. After the ride I told him I must ride my favorite ride now, and he chose not to go on the ride. The ride was called “The Last Ride”. Maybe this roller coaster gave my little brother the same nightmares. I couldn’t believe this and I needed to get it over with so I went in line. Within 40 minutes I was now strapped in and ready to ride The Last Ride. I was so nervous as my brain panicked and wanting to exit but I had to think of something else to calm it down. Come on, let's go my thoughts kept saying as they pour in. The ride jolted, and we were about to move. I took a deep breath as every loud noise the roller coaster made or every loud click I heard on the track made my heart jump in my throat. My heart was beating in my throat at this point and I can feel myself losing grip from nervous sweat with the grip I had on the bars as they shook loose. My mind yells, “I KNEW IT!” That’s all I could think at this point. I knew it! I knew it! The ride goes into hyper speed as everybody at this point panics as the speed reaches its fastest top speed dashing through the tracks. Inside the roller coaster we can all feel it trying to brake but we are just thundering rolling through the hoops as we all scream for our lives. The ride then shook and felt like it was falling apart. I closed my eyes at this point. I knew I would die! The dream was right!
          I closed my eyes and thought hurry as I was thinking well this is the end.  Knowing from the dream that this is the end was the terrifying part as I opened my eyes and saw that the roller coaster had maintained its speed back to normal and was going back to the main platform. We made it back safe. I couldn’t believe it as my heart felt like it was jumping out my mouth through my throat for joy. I got off the ride and ran to my little brother as I couldn’t find him in sight. I worried a little, so I decided to text him. I waited fifteen minutes and no response. This wasn’t like my little brother. Unless he somehow was on a ride. I waited thirty more minutes and no response. I looked for him in every line and I thought to myself am I dead or something. I felt a push on my back, it was him, it was my little stinky brother. I told him let's go I had enough fun, this would be an experience of a lifetime. I was right.  
We both got in the car and I took a deep breathe for side of relief that I made it out alive. Stupid silly dream I thought. I started the car and looked at my little brother in the front seat and asked him if he had fun. He said he did and he can’t wait to go back to the park when he is older. I laughed and then we started to drive home.

The car ride home was normal and I pulled on the inner state as dark clouds started to form, nothing to major I thought as I turned on my windshield wipers. The lightning started to come quickly streaking down the sky and the thunder kept getting louder and louder as rain started pouring down on the windshield making it hard to see. I saw nothing but lights as the car spun out of control and then saw a truck trying to brake bearing down at us as we the car is spent sideways. I see myself in the headlights as two bright lights come barreling in blinding my sight but I didn’t close my eyes, I just kept them open as the truck smashed into me and all I remember after that is waking up in here with you guys.

     “Oh so I take it, that was your last ride huh?”
    “Yes. Yes sir, that was my last ride.”

Written By: Ry


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