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Evil Dreamzzz

I walk in the body of a shadow. 

“I roam at night. Dark corners and alleys that are pitch dark. Just to attract the sweet feeling of fear. I challenge myself daily to go through terror in order to help control my anxiety.” 

Meet Carl, one of them good ol’ boys from South Texas. However this good ol’ boy is now a hot shot psychiatrist in New York City, New York. The first year he started evaluating people was the first time he encountered a man by the name of Alexa. Alexa committed suicide after his last session with Carl Brooks, after revealing to him his terrible haunting dreams. The police believed he overdosed but after an autopsy was done on the dead body, it was discovered that he died of natural causes on his bed. Still the story never leaked to the press and the story was written as Alexa committed suicide. 

After twenty years of good service, post that strange encounter of a madman, one would conclude. The study of the case of the haunting dream was brought up again by another patient. The patient explains, with the voice inside his head, and in his dreams, he would hear the chilling words, ‘kill yourself’ over and over again. Scrambling trying to find notes on the Alexa case, Carl now finds himself more experienced to deal with this matter once and for all.

“I take it you are a diabetic?”, Carl asked the new patient. 

“I try to eat what I can, honestly”, replied Jamma. Jamma is his real surname as he legally changed it to avoid complications with his parents. Jamma explains beforehand that he has a broken home and now these haunting dreams have seized his slumberful moments. 

“I see, let’s go over a couple of things. When do these dreams occur? Is it an every night occurrence or do they seem to happen randomly at any given night?”, asked Carl in his serious yet soft and crisp tone. 

“I don’t believe this happens every night, Said Jamma with a pondering look on his face. 

“Can you explain to me these dreams?”, asked Carl as he begun searching for potential answers. 

“I am in the middle of a cornfield and I try to find a way out. There is nowhere to go and I keep searching trying to wake myself up but I’m unable to wake up. I hear a deep voice laughing at me. I try to shut my eyes in the dream and I try to tell myself to wake up. I hate being stuck and no matter where I went I was still stuck in the cornfield. I suddenly saw a bunch of stalks tumbling near by so I ran towards it. There was a massive shadow that had huge arms and that was slicing the corn stalks down at an incredibly fast rate. Without thinking I quickly made my escape and then fell in a deep hole where I was spinning out of control, finally I hit the bottom and felt my body crush which woke me up. I was shocked to still be alive, I thought I was going to die.” - stated Jamma quite fretful that any second he may be plunged back into his own personal hell. 

“Do you ever die in these dreams?” Carl asked, solemnly. Recalling that Alexa had died in a couple of his dreams. 

“I do die” Jamma replied, then went silent after revealing his distress. 

There was a short pause and then Carl started jotting down a few notes. He cleared his throat and asked, “Can you describe one of them to me please?” 

“I was sitting on the beach. I was enjoying myself and having a good time when suddenly a thunderstorm came out of nowhere at rapid speed. The wind started picking up and I could hear it echo through my ears. Then without warning something started pulling me towards the ocean, I couldn’t move, it was sucking me in. I then saw a pitch black figure in the shape of a man with a hoody on. He looked straight at me, but I couldn’t see his face and then he pointed at me nonetheless I was losing my grip on the ground. I got pulled in towards the waters as I saw the mysterious man disappear. As I was nearing the waters I saw a huge wave come crashing in. At this point, I was in the water with the waves knocking me underneath. I couldn’t reach the top because something at the bottom of the water was sucking me down. I drowned and woke up gasping for air.” 

Jamma said, explaining his dream.

“That’s very interesting, so let me ask you this, have you ever tried fighting it?” - Carl enquired, curiously. 

- Jamma closed his eyes and said. “I try to fight it all the time.”

“How often do you fight this dream?”

“I fight this dream to the best of my ability every time; to make it go away, I try to fight everything and try to wake up at the same time that I am fighting.” 

-Explained Jamma, as he looked around in a frantic state.

Carl paused once again and then explained his first case of study, as follows: 

“I met a man twenty years ago. His name was Alexa and he explained the same type of dreams that you are experiencing and telling me.”

“Is there any way that I can meet this man?”, Asked Jamma, the pitch of his voice went higher than normal since he was feeling excitement for a possible cure to this nightmare.

“Unfortunately that is not possible,the man committed suicide” Replied Carl in a softer tone. 

They both paused and looked at each other, then Jamma asked “Is there a cure for me?” 

The door of Mr. Brooks office room opens up and his secretary walks in and explains that she has a patient that wrote a journal and sent it in with a note explaining she will commit suicide after this and explains why in the note, written that I have to destroy the second coming. 

Carl felt uncomfortable at this point, asking himself “Why me?” Carl was confused on why this case was brought to him the first time and now even more addled on why these types of events are happening again. A man that faces fear everyday by challenging himself is now in a whole new challenge with lives on the line. 

The secretary hands him the journal and note and then leaves the room. Carl decides to read the journal outloud as it has one entry called, “The Dream”. 

Entry 1: The Dream 

I would say this it folks. I am done, The end is near for me, don’t shed a tear for I am only sacrificing myself to save others. The portal is strong in this one entity. Traveling many paths and many distances to discover your fear. I have to kill myself for it is the only way to stop this monster. Please forgive me. I will explain to you my dream. Here it is mom and dad; I was in a dark room, with one light and it was shining on a steel chair that was covered in blood. I walk towards the chair as it folds itself and shoots quickly in the air. I look up towards the ceiling and see a pair of red eyes staring back at me. I try to run but the floor underneath turns to sand and I fall through only to then land in a giant field of sand. Sand that was everywhere and forming up castles of sand. I quickly ran to the nearest sand castle as I saw a giant green hairy spider chasing me. I arrived safe at the castle but it starts collapsing on me and I woke up after feeling sand suffocate and crush my lungs while I, hopelessly lost my breath and will to continue. The dream was so real that I thought I was dead. The dream made me realise that the Shadow One is back and it killed my brother. Now it’s trying to kill me. I must commit this harsh crime and kill myself. 

-Signed, Reve. 

Carl reads it and then says, “Well, this just has to be a challenge that I must accept.” With a grin on his face afterwards. 

“Let me explain another time when I died.” said Jamma. 

“Wait a minute, so you have no relation to this Alexa or the person who sent me this package?” Asked Carl, trying to figure out how Jamma was connected to the one they call ‘Shadow One’. 

“I have-I have no clue.” Stuttered Jamma since he was as confused as Carl. 

“Go ahead with the dream, see if I can link it to one of Alexa’s dreams.” 

“I was sitting alone in a park. I had a steel lunch pail sitting in front of me. I go to open the lunch pail and a bunch of eyeballs were inside looking at me. The eyes would blink ever so often which made me jump up and start running. I ran away from the table looking back and then forward again I hit a tree branch and fell to the ground. I got up from the impact and started to dust myself off then I felt real pain steaming from getting smacked by the tree branch. I felt an arm go around my head and neck and then with one motion of a twist I felt my neck snap and I fell to the ground tasting the blood as it dropped down my cheek and into my mouth. How was I feeling this pain and why wasn’t I dead? Then I heard a whisper as I just laid there on the ground motionless. The whisper said you are not alone and I found your zone, thank you for letting me enter it.” 

“I guess the one they call Shadow One was talking to you. Do you know anymore about this Shadow One?” Carl asked before getting deeper into the story to find a better understanding of the whole situation. 

“The Shadow One must’ve been what I saw standing in the waters in my beach dream. I must’ve somehow allowed him to enter my dreams. I don’t believe I ever saw him but that one time in my beach dream.” Jamma said as he looked at his watch and noticed that they were five minutes over the session. 

“I see that we’re at the end of our session Jamma. I want you to get some good rest while I research this and try to find a cure for you. It was good that we had this talk and I thank you that you have chosen me to help you with this pressing issue.” 

Wrapping up the session Carl walks Jamma to the door and then shuts it as he walks out of the room. Carl is now thinking of ways to find a cure for this man so he can save a life this time around. Carl already feels disappointed and feels like two people that died are his responsibility. He quietly leaves his office since night had fallen and it was time to go home. Carl began to walk home while he continued to think about the dreams and what to do. Carl then heads home going the route he takes to still be ahead of his fear.

Carl fixes dinner and then starts researching on the Web for cases similar to Jamma’s. He researches for about four hours as he gathers information about the topic but finds nobody that has ever died from this experience or traces of anybody referring or creating a story about Shadow One. He starts surfing on the Dark Web now to try to find information that may be hidden about the Shadow One. Finding a directory of a list of pages that were hidden he saw one that was labeled The Shadow One. He clicked it, and it took him to a blank screen. He tried to click everywhere on the screen but nothing was happening. His laptop then restarted and brought him back to his Windows page. Carl then clicked on the Web button but nothing popped up. The screen went blank again and this time it shut down. Carl tries to power it back up but it wouldn’t turn on. He reluctantly gives up and then decides to go to bed. 

He falls asleep faster than usual, he is intercepted by a dream that turns into a nightmare. Carl is walking on an empty field and in the distance is a glowing red building that has dark thick smoke coming from the roof. As Carl walked towards it the house house itself began to move, he finally entered it. It’s completely dark as the door slams shut behind him,he glances back and then looks forward. Carl says “You must be Shadow One?” As he questions whoever is staring at him in a shadow figure. 

“I am the one you seek and I will kill you and spread nightmares throughout the minds of children.” Shadow One said in a chilling, deep voice that echoed in his head. 

I tried to question him but he faded away when I begin to speak. I found myself now not being able to speak. I franticly looked around the area and saw nothing but smoke and darkness. I suddenly felt a sharp steel blade pressed against my throat. Then I heard a voice say, ‘Ready! Set! Sprinkle!’ As I felt the blade burn through my skin of my throat as blood started squirting everywhere as I tried to plug the wound with my hands as the blood started spraying out everywhere. I felt myself drop to the ground and then I hit the ground relaxing myself in the process thinking that this is the end. I was down just laying there lifeless as I felt my own body turn cold as the blood poured out of my neck.”

Written By: ~RyDyno~

Edited by: ~Seth Horus~ 
REVISED & Edited BY: ~Letha~ 


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