Death Of Dawn #5

       People walk over me, for I am a sidewalk. The memories of once being human and now I am trapped into my own reoccurring nightmare. Every night I see the same little girl walking down the alley way. Same time, same pace, same charm and same routine each and every day. The remembrance of this was incredible. I would love this moment until one evening it turned dark…

         My past life I was human, I was ordered to execute a particular group of people I had to follow orders or become executed myself. I had no choice for I wanted to exist. Judging me to age on is as worthless as judging a dog to eat scraps every day just to continue. I was that dog that was eating scraps. The burning of this little girl I witnessed her eyes melt as I felt the jolt of every nerve in my body start to circle and go crazy. I never wanted to see what I just saw that day. Body just crumbled and melted. My time on Earth then went dark, and the nights turned into years and the days turned into centuries. The time and pain I felt during the time was unbearable until I was shot in the back of the head. I felt nothing. No pain until I woke up to regain conciseness and felt the world in a whole new view.

         The girl in the sidewalk walking oh so softly must be my reward. No, I was wrong. The girl was led by two men to an abandoned building. I still had eyes on the little girl as I saw her get tortured and raped. I now have this scene playing over and over and hope one day the cycle breaks but it doesn’t and nothing changes from the scene. Why am I being punished for this? My story continues though as the cycle breaks.

          A new cycle emerges and explains a little girl named Dawn. Dawn was deaf, and she had no friends and was teased by 12 other students that went to her school. The school of 13 people. Dawn was the odd student out that was deaf and no sense of this world she was in and was bullied every day. I would tell her to run but she couldn’t hear me as the other students threw rocks at her and other students grabbed limbs from trees and whipped her with it while walking home after school would end. The walk to school was even worse as the students would throw eggs at her so she would stink the whole day and smash dirt in her hair. The teacher would let this happen and just smirk or roll her eyes at her when she would cry for hours on her desk. She would be sent to the outhouse to stand in it for the whole session because she stunk up the class. I couldn’t believe it but I was crying. The tears were cracking the sidewalk and suddenly I felt a strange power come over me as I formed into a dark shadow.

        I am alive and a dark shadow. This was surprising, but I felt avenges come over me as the darkness flowed through my veins. I entered the outhouse and told Dawn,

       “Don’t worry my child, I will avenge you.”

             I then entered the school, and I was right behind the teacher as she was teaching class. I stuck my arm right in her and through her chest to grab her heart and to have it burst out in the front of her chest as all the students watched terrified out of their minds. They all jumped up and started to run and I knew then they couldn’t see me so I grabbed one of the students by the neck and raised him in the air and then drove the little bastard through a huge nail flagpole
as he died instantly the pole entered his body.

          I didn’t stop there, I grabbed another student girl by the pigtails and swung her around the room to knock out four of the children then I bashed her head against the wall as her skull and brains scattered all over the brick wall. The rest of the students escaped and were running home. I quickly dashed outside and started chasing one of the students. I then threw my arm as it stretched to reach his head and with my hand I made it bigger and placed it on the top of his head and then ripped his head clean off his shoulders. Another student tripped and twisted his ankle as he was running so I dragged him by the ankle and ran as fast as I could to another student while dragging him and I swung that student to collide with the student I was catching up too instantly killing them both as I repeatedly started swinging the student against the other student killing them both. There
was one student left, and the coward was hiding behind a tree shaking to death.

        “Please, mister! I don’t know who you are! Please! PL-PL-PLEASE!” Screamed the
little boy.

            I grabbed his head and slammed it hard against the tree then I grabbed his neck and raised him up on the tree as the back of his skull was scraping against the wood of the tree. I then flipped him behind him as his body flew in the air and landed on the ground with a couple of shakes as he twitched to his death.

           I went to the outhouse, and I opened the door for Dawn. There she was crying. I reached out my hand and told her everything was
going be alright and she reached for my hand as I held her tight. Hugging her tight I squeezed the soul out of her and I killed dawn.

           So, when people ask you about the Death of Dawn? The shadow man who is now a sidewalk that grows stronger and stronger every year without having the strength to break through I see the same cycles day after day as I live to tell another tale. Goodbye my old friend for I am now one with the misery.


  1. Yes! Very evil indeed. I enjoy how far you take it in your stories.

  2. Sick, Twisted and demented just how I like my stories from Mr.Dyno

  3. The format is messed up in the middle on desktop

  4. might be messed up in the head hahahaha

  5. you are the sickest fuck ever dude

  6. I think this is twisted piece but very good in that per section of what material we can find online. This brings a new story to the table and I enjoy reading this series.


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