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Little Games We Play #2

Warning +18! Horror Erotica :) 

Happy Halloween Enjoy This TREAT! :)
The buzzer goes off. I hear my cell door open. The guard stepped in and yelled, “Steff Sir! You have made bail, grab your stuff and let's go.” 

I gathered my stuff quickly and crammed everything into the bin, I was so excited to leave. I walked down a cold narrow hallway that led to another small room. Door after door I passed, my heart crashing against my ribs with every step I took.

Just like that I was released on bond. I was a freeman but that didn’t last long as I took a step into the street I heard a loud screeching noise, a red and black striped van slammed its brakes on in front of me and a man in a black mask grabbed me from behind simultaneously applying a cloth over my mouth and nose. I didn’t have time to panic, my mind was already a blur, my body felt light as I was knocked out in an instant. That must have been when I was abducted. 

I force my eyes open, a large cold, dark room surrounding me. A single l…

Massage Or Murder - RyDyno

Massage Or Murder +18 (THIS IS RAW/UNCUT)
Let me tell you a story. I know you have heard of “Happy Ending” but have you heard of triggering a Happy Ending to become the Deadly Ending? Let me tell you a story about Massage Or Murder.

      Aleena was a shy girl. Originally from Tennessee, she moved to Florida when she was sixteen. Aleena was very attractive and became very popular with the boys. Aleena grew up a nympho and used sex to gain what she desired in life. Breaking down men’s egos, she tore down the foundation of what a man had built. She was wicked and suffered from heavy depression from leaving Tennessee when she left her best friend Yoder.

A schizophrenic, and some would label her a sexy psychopath. When she turned 18, she returned to Tennessee to find her man Yoder but never could she do so because he moved to California, so she returned to Florida. At 19 she started at a massage parlor and has worked there for 6 years now; at the age of 25. This helped her cope with her dee…

(Evil Dreamzzz) #1 Evil Awaits

I walk in the body of a shadow. 

“I roam at night. Dark corners and alleys that are pitch dark. Just to attract the sweet feeling of fear. I challenge myself daily to go through terror in order to help control my anxiety.” 

Meet Carl, one of them good ol’ boys from South Texas. However this good ol’ boy is now a hot shot psychiatrist in New York City, New York. The first year he started evaluating people was the first time he encountered a man by the name of Alexa. Alexa committed suicide after his last session with Carl Brooks, after revealing to him his terrible haunting dreams. The police believed he overdosed but after an autopsy was done on the dead body, it was discovered that he died of natural causes on his bed. Still the story never leaked to the press and the story was written as Alexa committed suicide. 

After twenty years of good service, post that strange encounter of a madman, one would conclude. The study of the case of the haunting dream was brought up again by another pa…


Warning This Is A Dark Story 
Can you picture yourself being a fly? Being a family with the capacity of realizing that in the past you were human? Is this hell on Earth? Stuck in purgatory or left alone in a weird realm when you fell asleep? Here’s the journey of the FLY and what he witnessed. This story is very graphic and very detailed in a manner that might not be acceptable for the weak heart and empty minded. 

     Welcome to my realm. The realm of my thinking process goes numb when I ponder. However, I gain the realization of being alive. I fly around an abandoned house and one night I witnessed terror. Horrible events unfolded right in front of me and I have no clue why. I was processing this and having the memory of the story to tell it to you today. 

    I saw a man walk in the house. I knew this character was up to no good I was started to regain my old self-remembering the days I was human. Strange events occurring made me regain my memory. Soon as I saw the human enter the ho…