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Jillz Story True Or False?

Daddy Has Returned Home! 

Jillz Code Name: JILLZ
*Jillz is "7" years old. She's a shadow ghost that happens to be a killer. 

*Many believe she's real...In a forum her soul is found...You must travel to the deep dark web through a special browser. You must download the special browser through a link only credited to you by defeating the ultimate shadow puppet. There is 9 Puppets. You must defeat one to advance and download the browser. The link changes every 12 hours so the link will constantly be switching through URLS. 

*Jillz committed suicide over a boy when she was seven by overdosing in front of her Mothers computer. When the police authority arrived after the Mother reported her daughter overdosed and was passed out in front of the computer. When the police and Mother arrived back to the scene she was gone and the Police searched the whole house and thought the Mother had killed her daughter and was trying to make up a set up scene to get away with murder. 

*A searc…

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