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Little Games We Play #1 - RyDyno & NAP

+18 Viewer Discretion Is Advised

Hi I’m Stefan and I live in Ontario. I am going to share my story today because it’s the most bizarre event that has ever happened to me.

So I invited my buddies over to my house. My four best friends and the five of us of our small group decided to go to the skating rink in town. We loved the skating rink, and it was called the Ice Palace. Every Saturday we would go there until 10 at night to skate. It was the only rink in town with lights. It was mostly guys, so we’d split up into teams and play hockey. We would have so much fun. One Saturday a girl showed up, and some of her characteristics were as follows; dark brown wavy hair that flowed down her back, and her skin shining, in the fluorescent light of the ice rink. She watched us play, we were showing off our hockey skills. Her gaze not leaving the game. She flashed a dazzling smile in my direction, we all noticed.

“Talk to her, ask her to hang with us tonight at your house”, Michael said with a gr…

The Girl I Met ONLINE - RyDyno

+18. Adults Only, Children Buzz Off You Can't Read This Because You Are Not An Adult. VIEWER BEWARE THIS STORY IS HORROR/EROTICA SCARY SPOOKY

I met a girl Online. I usually don't do those dating websites but my buddy insisted that I tried a local one that old graduates created when returning from college. We lived in a little town called Foxburn so they named the app, Find a Fox in the Burn. Clever name I guess, so I downloaded it and I updated my profile, uploaded a few pics and wrote information about me, like my hobbies and interests. Then I start browsing through the profile pictures and I really didn't notice anyone I thought was attractive, so I exited the app and put down my phone.

That night I went to bed and woke up the next morning with 2 new notifications. It was a buddy request and a message. The message read, “Hi I am new in town and I was wondering if you would like to be my friend?” It was from Kody. Spelled K O D Y. I didn't even know if this was a boy or n…

Goldilocks The Intruder - RyDyno

(Warning this is not a children's story nor is it a fairy tale)

Once upon a time there were three bears who lived in a house in the forest. There was a great big father bear, a middle-sized mother bear and a magical tiny teddy bear.
One morning, their mac and cheese was too hot to eat, so they decided to go hunt for humans in the wicked woods. While they were out, a little girl called Goldilocks was wandering through the woods and found their house. She knocked on the door and, as there was no answer, she pushed it open and went inside.
In front of her was a table with three chairs, one large chair, one middle-sized chair and one small chair. On the table were three plates of mac and cheese, one large plate, one middle-sized plate and one small plate– and three spoons. Next Goldilocks went upstairs, where she found three beds. There was a great big bed, a middle-sized bed and a tiny little bed. By now she was feeling rather tired from the pork and beans so she climbed into the big bed…