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Deleted From The System #3

Can you tell the difference between night and day? 
Trapped in this basement for so long. 
We have confirmation of a new threat. 
The biggest threat of them all. 

..Wake up 
Wake up child you must awaken! 
Your task is not finished. You must finish! 
The wind will guide you to the light. 
The light will guide you pass the darkness. 
You will reach your destiny. 
The destiny you will receive is the key USB.
The USB is a unit that contains evidence on Mason's killer. 
Wake up we have work to do. 

All of us were trapped in the system. The system had our souls. 
The system created itself and had the power to collect souls. 
Everyone died but their image of their body came back to form to live again. 
Inside the system there is laws that the people must follow. 
The system has a Virus which is killing the system from within. 
We must delete the Virus. However our best man for the Job. 
He happens to be in love with The Virus. 
Eliminating both subjects is an impossible task. 
We must work together. 

40 Days…