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Deleted From The System #2

We write code
That's what we do?
The barney has hit the purple.
She has took the bait?

The war is on.
The second one has dropped.
Get Ready!

Give me five and I will give you nine.
Rog Dat
Six code?
I got it from here mate.

Twin Twins are twins right?
We got her in sight captain.
Shoot her.
We have eliminated target.

We can play now.
We will continue to work.
Why? Why can't we enjoy this victory?
We continue and we must.

The kids have no voice in this era.
The kids will have to fight for US.
The future is bright. We have been eliminated.
The track has continued we lost 4 forts.

I have the codes to the next game
We must use them wisely. We almost lost everything.
She continues to dance in the mirror.
I love the way she smiles at herself.

Why don't you show the pretty smile to the world?
Why do you show us just your lips.
This add is getting deep. This deep is getting added.
The heart is black and it must be white.
We can't do nothing about it. She is funny.
She is comedy an…