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DA Pilot! Scary Island

HELLO! We meet again my old friend...Now if you have a weak heart and can't take sick stuff I suggest you click that X button and get out of here because in the RyFy Zone, anything is possible! Never say never! You don't like our crappy pictures well okay then we will continue bringing you crappy pictures do the day I die and then the RZ will be over. For this story I met a very special person online! She is one of the many coolest members I have! Editor was so bad ass on this one! ENJOY FOLKS! ENJOY! 

Here We Go >
“What you know Summer’s?” 
“The pilot is still alive!” 

I was investigating my first case of this sick twisted town called Washberg. This town has given me the creeps from day one. People that were troubled all gathered here to hide from the massive society all over Earth. This place is located on an island isolated from the evil corporations and we as the people fled from other countries thinking this was true freedom. Boy were we wrong, so wrong. 
Finding the journa…