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#8 (FIF) Shhhhh Silent Night - RyDyno

#7 (FIF) Story Of Katie Fox - Matthew

Hi I’m Katie. Katie Fox. I was the mother of three beautiful children and had a loving husband named Dennis. This all changed when I decided to hire a nanny to help care for my children and help out with some housework.

After interviewing a few people, I decided that a girl named Jessica was the right fit for the job. Neither my husband or any of my kids seemed to agree with my opinion but I just put that to the side. I thought that it would just take some time for them to get used to the new addition to the household. 

A couple weeks after Jessica started working for us, I left her with the kids alone while I went out grocery shopping. The kids were beginning to get used to her so I had no problem leaving them alone. 

At the store, my neighbor, Beverly, worked as a cashier. As I was getting some food checked out by her at the cash, she told me about a family website and said that I did a very good job creating it. This confused the hell out of me as neither my husband or I created a web…

#6 (FIF) MidNight Carnival Matt & Ry


#5 (FIF) The Cat Out Of Bag Lisa Smith


#4 (FIF) Cold-Blooded By D.V

She woke up and immediately realized that she was alone in the strange room. She was lying on something not natural but created by someone or something.
    It was small but something hard and tall pressed against her side. Thrown over the tall hard part was a blanket. in front of her was an opening in the wall that opened into nothing. She knelt in front of it and pulled something out a pile of ashes that looked like burnt wood she only knew of one creature who needed warmth.

A million questions ran through her mind but she couldn't answer any of them except for the realization that she had been captured. suddenly a rattling broke the silence behind her. She hid if only for the moment by flattening herself against the wall. The door opened hiding her well. She heard the Warm-blood react. Silently, she stepped out of her hiding spot the Warm-blood turned but before he stop her she locked lips with him.
After a moment, she let him push her away, "What th…

#3 (FIF) The Graveyard - Matthew


#2 (FIF) Uncle Charlie

      Rolling over, I wrapped my arms around her, she lay still, sleeping. The room was silent, the gentle humming of the boiler downstairs was all to be heard. Usually she’s awake before me, maybe she’s coming down with the flu. I squeezed her, leaning my head into her luscious brown hair. I take a deep breath as her beautiful scent drifted up my nose enhancing my senses.
     My heart fluttered wildly, like the first time I met her, I remembered it like it was yesterday. Her deep brown eyes spotting me from Across the room. At an instant I fell in love.
It’s been 5 years. There was only one problem throughout our relationship, her husband.
She was married, she told me she was. But I knew one day, I’d end up with her. My pull to her was to strong, I could not live without her. I knew deep inside she couldn’t live without me.
     I snapped myself back to reality, her smell getting stronger, the house still silent.
It was eerie, really, how quiet the house was, even though she has two chil…


HELLO! We meet again my old friend...Now if you have a weak heart and can't take sick stuff I suggest you click that X button and get out of here because in the RyFy Zone, anything is possible! Never say never! You don't like our crappy pictures well okay then we will continue bringing you crappy pictures do the day I die and then the RZ will be over. For this story I met a very special person online! She is one of the many coolest members I have! Editor was so bad ass on this one! ENJOY FOLKS! ENJOY! 

Here We Go >
“What you know Summer’s?” 
“The pilot is still alive!” 

I was investigating my first case of this sick twisted town called Washberg. This town has given me the creeps from day one. People that were troubled all gathered here to hide from the massive society all over Earth. This place is located on an island isolated from the evil corporations and we as the people fled from other countries thinking this was true freedom. Boy were we wrong, so wrong. 
Finding the journa…