Jillz Story True Or False?

Daddy Has Returned Home! 

Jillz Code Name: JILLZ

*Jillz is "7" years old. She's a shadow ghost that happens to be a killer. 

*Many believe she's real...In a forum her soul is found...You must travel to the deep dark web through a special browser. You must download the special browser through a link only credited to you by defeating the ultimate shadow puppet. There is 9 Puppets. You must defeat one to advance and download the browser. The link changes every 12 hours so the link will constantly be switching through URLS. 

*Jillz committed suicide over a boy when she was seven by overdosing in front of her Mothers computer. When the police authority arrived after the Mother reported her daughter overdosed and was passed out in front of the computer. When the police and Mother arrived back to the scene she was gone and the Police searched the whole house and thought the Mother had killed her daughter and was trying to make up a set up scene to get away with murder. 

*A search for the missing child, Jillz was missing for two years with no hope. A kid found a floppy disc that was in the middle of the side walk one evening walking home from School. The floppy disc was labeled Jillz. The boy then told his brother as both of them brought out their old IBM computer and inserted the floppy disc.

*The boy describes a message flashed on the screen saying you have awaken Jillz. A black and white fuzzy hand then came out and reached for the little boy and squeezed his throat crushing it as the boy fell to his death. Nobody believed the brother and he was being charged for murder. 

*The floppy disc and IBM computer were sold in a garage sale as Jillz floppy disc traveled to another home within that town. Jillz was once again alive as the Mother bought the IBM and floppy discs for her son before she bought a Macintosh. Jillz had traveled to the world wide web. Now everybody was in trouble. 

*Jillz wrote her crush a note before she died. The boy made fun of her in front of the whole class and ripped it up and threw it in the trash saying Jill had cooties. Jill humiliated goes home and cries herself to sleep to awake the next day writing another note to her love. This time he keeps it and is quiet the whole day. Inside the note she wrote that she was going to kill herself if she teased him like that again. The boy was quiet that day but the next he teased her again as she took her life that night. 

*After her death the note turned to flames as the boy died in a fire. 

*Jillz now get her name from being a file, her name is Jillz.exe she somehow put her soul in a floppy disc and then transferred her soul onto the world wide web where she can now travel anywhere there is a connection to the world wide web.

*Jillz killed a child...Who was bullying this girl. He pushed her down twice and threw her off a swing while getting under her and pushing her and dropping her on her back. She cried but nobody did anything about it. The boy then climbed up this huge slide. The slide the children were afraid to slide down called "Goliath" After reaching the top the boy was snagged up by Jillz as the students saw Jillz appear on top of the slide. She pushed the boy off the slide as he landed head first onto the ground breaking his neck as all the kids run in fear as the impact of the crush scared everyone. The boy was dead and instantly died on impact. 

*Jillz appeared at boys slumber party. Spending a night. Jillz happen to be the 6th Guest. The boys were all playing hide and seek when they decided to pick on the main boys sister. The boy's name was Stephen. Stephen teased his sister a bunch of times and broke both of her arms and legs by rough housing with her in the past. This night he went too far as he took a pillow and to impress his buddies he put it over his sisters head and sat on it. Almost killing her she screamed for the parents but as soon as the Father woke up all the boys quickly ran back into Stephens room. Jillz then appeared the boys explained. Jillz spoke to Stephen and told him she had given him three warnings. According to the boys she then grabbed the boy by his shirt and flew out of the window floating over the street as she grabbed both of his feet and ankles and dangled him over the street as she was getting higher in the air. The boys said she then let go and he fell head first in the middle of the street with his brains scattering everywhere. The police were fond of this murder for the boys had to be telling the truth for how it could of happened.

*The last incident that has been reported. We only know this is JILLZ because she told us. Every murder she has committed she has told somebody who she was...We have no clue why she is calling herself JILLZ. Her name was Jill Strindberg. This case became very strange as the students described Jillz to a T like the others that were connected in the similar murders. Students describe the situation as the Teacher was heckling two students and made them do ridiculous acts in front of the class. According to the students a piece of chalk then floated in the air as the piece of chalk wrote, "HI I AM JILLZ AND I AM GOING TO KILL MS HARRISON" After that the chalk fell. The Teacher then tried to look behind her but couldn't as the students describe the situation as brutal as can be. The teacher was dragged up to the ceiling and hung above her desk as people described Jillz was the one carrying her and she revealed herself to the class and told them all to respect one another and behave or she would of took their life. After that she disappeared as all the students ran screaming out of the classroom.

*Jillz is still alive. She is real. Very real. She is a internet legend people say. The web only knows ALL. That damn code made her real. Be careful creating codes. You might create something REAL. 





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