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Deleted From The System #3

Can you tell the difference between night and day? 
Trapped in this basement for so long. 
We have confirmation of a new threat. 
The biggest threat of them all. 

..Wake up 
Wake up child you must awaken! 
Your task is not finished. You must finish! 
The wind will guide you to the light. 
The light will guide you pass the darkness. 
You will reach your destiny. 
The destiny you will receive is the key USB.
The USB is a unit that contains evidence on Mason's killer. 
Wake up we have work to do. 

All of us were trapped in the system. The system had our souls. 
The system created itself and had the power to collect souls. 
Everyone died but their image of their body came back to form to live again. 
Inside the system there is laws that the people must follow. 
The system has a Virus which is killing the system from within. 
We must delete the Virus. However our best man for the Job. 
He happens to be in love with The Virus. 
Eliminating both subjects is an impossible task. 
We must work together. 

40 Days and 40 nights the system glitched. 
The power of the codename: Black Queen 
Hatching minions that were destroying circuits. 
The souls inside the system will perish forever and evaporate. 
Because there is no boundaries the soul travels in bits in space forever. 
This must not happen.

I Remember looking at her. She would do the same routine every time.
She has clock work routines from morning to night. 

[Maybe she's a robot? Can a human possibly do this?]
Find money to buy robots to fake as humans to set trends. 

I remember. 
Do you remember? 
I think she's going take a shower now. 

I had enough of this silly game. 
We all are going die if you don't snap out of it. 
Dammit Snake! Why are you killing my elite guard? 
My Captain was found with five butcher knifes in his chest! 
How could you be so cruel! 
What nightmares haunt you at night that's killing you at night? 
Why must we suffer? Why must we perish in the light of distance for you? 
Why won't you save us? 
Save us? Please save us! 
Dammit you have to save us! 

I run for one and one only. 
The one has told me to sprint. 
I will kill all the Captains. 
I have a plan devised to set the World free. 
The duty of my oath is to serve and protect. 
I must do this at all times for whatever it takes. 
The light you seek to see forever is all in your head. 
We can not die for it is what we are borrowing that leaves us. 
I murder bodies for a reason. 
The soul must be set free. 
When the body is highlighted I can do what I please. 
If a body is not highlighted I must not touch it. 
She is not highlighted. 

What's he talking about "Highlighted" 
This is getting deep. We must log online. The deep dark web. 
We must seek the LINK master. The LM will tell us what's going on. 
She is not highlighted? Meaning no sin? 
She is atheist? Believing in something created by men while contradicting the other creation by men?
If she did not cross over to the AFTERLIFE are in a simulation? 
The simulation of souls? 
We must be trapped for our age never grows until we return to the "physical World"

Wolf or Sheep? 

We are 82% completed. We have lost 18% due to Virus. 
Virus has spread rapidly through out the system. 
The Virus can not be eliminated for it has took a form of a lost memory. 

Lost Memory? 

A micro chip created thats planted in a mind for a memory that does not exist but connected with the membrane it seems real. 

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