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Deleted From The System #2

We write code
That's what we do?
The barney has hit the purple.
She has took the bait?

The war is on.
The second one has dropped.
Get Ready!

Give me five and I will give you nine.
Rog Dat
Six code?
I got it from here mate.

Twin Twins are twins right?
We got her in sight captain.
Shoot her.
We have eliminated target.

We can play now.
We will continue to work.
Why? Why can't we enjoy this victory?
We continue and we must.

The kids have no voice in this era.
The kids will have to fight for US.
The future is bright. We have been eliminated.
The track has continued we lost 4 forts.

I have the codes to the next game
We must use them wisely. We almost lost everything.
She continues to dance in the mirror.
I love the way she smiles at herself.

Why don't you show the pretty smile to the world?
Why do you show us just your lips.
This add is getting deep. This deep is getting added.
The heart is black and it must be white.
We can't do nothing about it. She is funny.
She is comedy and she is the way you use it.
Joke is a joke. The joke must be eliminated.
Give us the WORD.
I must not do it. I must save it for another day.
We won't know until the day comes but when that day comes.

The bus has left the new port.
The bus circles in about 30 deep.
Infantry at large with tactics.
They cut loose and just dropped 115.
Rog Dat

The war continues captain.
The girl is not found.
She has taken our best man.
She tried to take our best ladies.

Why couldn't she take out the women?
She took out all our men.

Men are weak. They are a slave to love.
My women are warriors.
My women fight through the tears of snow.
They have cold hearts, they breathe ICE.
My women fight for me and don't dare to fight me.
These men are weak. They back stab me for money.
They back stabbed me because she used her love for their love.
The trade they did. The honest mistake he made.
This getting deep. How deep does this go?

The directory. The root to the problem.
It goes through infinity loops.
This will be our problem for the rest of our light.
The time to end it is now. The root will come back.
Stronger than ever.

I must not do that.
I was once her.
You are blinded!
She has the distance of what?
I will save her.
She don't want you to save her!
I saw the ninjas go in.
Don't do it man.
Lights out.
You Fool!

We have tried to take out the objective for years.
How do we take out the TARGET when it's protected by our best HitMan.
Do we take out our best HitMan?
We can't.
Now what do we do?

I have the power to delete. That's my secret.
No way.
I received it when I won judgement.
How did you win Judgement?
Your full of them, how and why?
That's my concern and the way I put it down.
You pick the places you want to manipulate?
I think you are crazy.
Many people think that crazy people rule and well the sane follow.
Do you believe in many people?
You have a way to eliminate.
I have many ways to throw away the garbage.
Why won't you take the elite out?
The elite are part of the process.
What process?
Joking right?
The very wheel of justice?
You know nothing.

We have twenty men here full armored in Juggernaut Suits.
Take them out one by one with the dragon blade.
Target eliminated 18 Juggernauts. Two have escaped.
Rog Dat


[Secret File]
I killed her. This is how I did it.
I snuck in her room and while she was on her phone I snuck right behind her and slit her throat.
The blood started gushing out as she let out a scream but it was not enough as I tied a tube sock around her neck as she started to struggle with life itself.
However the bitch had bite. She leaped for the lamp and smashed it over my face.
Then stuck a knife in my stomach as I felt a sharp pain bursting through my stomach.
I dropped to the floor in shock. Where has this bitch got the energy to do this to me.
Then she took my knife and stuck it in the side of my neck as I started feeling my vision getting weaker and I started feeling dizzy.
This bitch is going kill me, I thought in my head as the pain started to spread through out my whole body.
She stood over me laughing as I took the chance to tackle her and smash her head in her own bed frame as I watched her face just shutdown like a computer as the force of the tackle knocked her out cold.
I stood over her with a knife and then I proceded to cut her neck open as the blood squirted out I started to suck it in as I wanted her blood in me somehow someway. I was even smearing her blood on my wounds so the bloods would mix.
The night I turned pure evil.
The night I fought evil with evil and became the pedigree of EVIL.






  1. This will be equivalent.

  2. I think the barber did it with the razor blade clippers.

  3. hell yeah this became a series because we weren't confused as hell from the first one, this sums nothing!

  4. If she didn't laugh she would of got him.

  5. ITZ all about the time you find to execute your main problems.


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