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DA Pilot! Scary Island

HELLO! We meet again my old friend...Now if you have a weak heart and can't take sick stuff I suggest you click that X button and get out of here because in the RyFy Zone, anything is possible! Never say never! You don't like our crappy pictures well okay then we will continue bringing you crappy pictures do the day I die and then the RZ will be over. For this story I met a very special person online! She is one of the many coolest members I have! Editor was so bad ass on this one! ENJOY FOLKS! ENJOY! 

Here We Go >

“What you know Summer’s?” 
“The pilot is still alive!” 

I was investigating my first case of this sick twisted town called Washberg. This town has given me the creeps from day one. People that were troubled all gathered here to hide from the massive society all over Earth. This place is located on an island isolated from the evil corporations and we as the people fled from other countries thinking this was true freedom. Boy were we wrong, so wrong. 
Finding the journal log of the pilot was sickening. Knowing that the pilot of this plane crash is still alive is even more terrifying. It took us months to find this plane and now that we did it looks like nobody survived but the pilot which we all found odd. 
The pilot had sex with the dead and for food ate the victims bodies. The pilot is labeled a cannibal and the reason we know he’s alive is because he left a note for us within his journal. The note read, “I am here on this island seeking the justice of the fallen I have eaten. I shall eat more and feast on every human on this island.” 
The note was written in feces and blood. However in the journal it was written in a fine point ink that has a bunch of symbols in it decoding a message on some pages and other pages has perfect written english telling a chilling story of his day. I will share with you today the story of the pilot and how we are going take this bastard down. 
Marcus Summers, The badass detective known in the States. Fumbled a case of a huge dirty law enforcement squad and caught the back end of it forcing him to run away or be killed. Marcus Summers arrives at the island and right away becomes one of the law enforcement members that is protecting Washberg. Outside the town people roamed as called “freelanders”. The people were labeled “Freelanders” for escaping sin from other countries and cities around the world. Living in Washberg was optional because everyone had the freedom to do what they pleased. Washberg began to experience paranormal activity and many claimed that a portal from hell opened up. Marcus was briefed about the situation at hand then taken to the sight of the plane crash that they mysteriously found. 
“What do you make of this Marcus?” Asked the Sheriff of Washberg with a toothpick and a slab of chew in his mouth as he spits on the ground. 
“I believe this because we are living in hell.” Marcus replied while he shuffled through the pilot's journal.
The Sheriff was named Sheriff Winslow. Elected Sheriff by the people of the town, the commissioners elected by the people re-wrote the laws for their own society called the freedom people. The Sheriff remains the Sheriff until he is voted out or voted against in a for new Sheriff. The Sheriff was a well muscular thirty six year old man with a thick black mustache with black and grey hair. Always wearing a rangers cowboy hat and dressed professionally in his uniform.
“The Journal sir, do you care to take a look at it?” Marcus said as he hands over the Journal to Sheriff Winslow. The Sheriff then reads the journal that was written by the pilot. 

Dear whoever finds this…
I have failed my mission to reach my destination. Being the lone survivor of a plane crash I thought I was among the dead but still in the realm of the living. I took the liberty to eat all the passengers and to have sex with them anytime I pleased. Some victims were more complete than others by having all their limbs still attached to them but I managed to have sex with four women bodies before I eventually ate them to survive. 

“What kind of sick perv is this pilot Summer’s?” Sheriff Winslow said as he was holding the journal and spitting on the ground. 
“I have no clue what type of person we are dealing with sir.” Marcus said as he was scoping out the area looking for more clues and objects of the horrific scene. 
Sheriff Winslow then glances back down at the journal to read more. 
My First victim was named Sharell. I know this because I found the body still attached to an unburnt purse. I identified her by her old passport she had along with other items. I couldn’t really make out the face still though I had sex with her and then cried after the first time I did that hideous act. The next night however,the smell of her body rotting away had me banging her body so good. The smell of the body was a musk that I fell in love with and endured the second night. After a couple of days the stench was becoming more of a beautiful scent. The smell somehow excited me. After having sex with this chick I decided to tell my story. I had to keep record of the sickening truth so people out there would knew the truth behind me and what I had done to do to survive. 
Sheriff Winslow was intrigued by this book, a part of him wanted to continue reading the journal and a part of him wanted to stop because it was too sickening to find out what happen to these poor people after they died and how their bodies were treated in the process by a monster like this morbid pilot. Debating in his mind if he should continue reading or not he decides to get to know this morbid pilot. 

Entry: 01 The Monster Is Born 
“A Great Dinner, I wasn’t much of a hunter and a coward at that.” but when I had this much fresh food around me in human remains, I had to make the best out of my situation starting with my first victim. I never really wanted to resort to eating the victims. The laziness and fear of not knowing what’s out there kicked in big time. The situation I was in felt like I had to eat or I was going die of starvation. That’s when the monster was born. I am the monster. 

Entry: 02 The Fun Begins 
I found a corner metal part from the plane that wasn’t destroyed in the crash and decided to use that to make up a table so I could have dinner with my family. I found three bodies to represent my wife and kids because I missed them so much. I placed one at each side of the table. I ate with them and I spoke with them and used different voices to confidence myself that they were still alive. I decided after dinner that I wanted to have sex with my wife. It was a routine that I was addicted to. I was having sex with her and her head fell off her body and rolled off but I couldn’t stop! I kept pumping and thrusting until I busted a nut inside her. 

Sheriff Winslow then throws down the journal, whips out his pistol and shoots the journal. Then after dumping gasoline lights a match, throws it down on top of the journal igniting in into flames. The journal then burned as both men look each other in the face with silence as another officer comes rushing over explaining that they have a lead for where the pilot might of went following a trail of bones and half eaten body limbs.
Detective Summers and Sheriff Winslow began following the trail with eight officers. The eight officers were all on guard and on high alert. 
“The pilot could be anywhere near here so keep your eyes peeled” Said Sheriff Winslow to his men that were close by. They moved as a large group through the trail that led them to a building that none of them saw before. 
“Strange, how could a building be built that fast without our acknowledgement?” Questioned Winslow as all of them paused in motion and glanced at the building. It was a dark wooden shack that was painted black. None of them have ever seen it before and were all shocked and caught off guard. 
“Should we investigate it?” Asked Summers in a curious tone.
“We must” Said Sheriff Winslow with a concerned look on his face. The two began to go off the path and head towards the shack as the cops followed from behind with their weapons drawn. They get to the shack to find that is has no having no entrance at all to enter it. 
All the sudden they hear a screaming voice coming from inside the shack. One of the officers then sticks his ear on the shack to listen in. An axe comes flying out of nowhere to strike the officer in the head as he falls down the other officers then point their guns into the darkness and threaten to shoot. A rope comes out of nowhere and grabs one of the officers by the neck and pulls him up as the officer is hung and killed by the rope. 
The officers point their gun in the air and start shooting at random spots in the air near where the rope tangled with the officer attached to it. An officer yelled, “Fuck this!” and began to run as he fell in a bear trap snapping his ankle clean off. The officer screamed in pain holding his leg with his foot snapped clean off as a bolder came from the tree smashing his head to pieces while he was in the cradle position grasping his leg.
Now the remaining officers, Winslow and Summers are standing still as a giant hook attached to a chain comes out of nowhere and strikes one of the officers in the back lifting him up as he screams in pain dying from the giant hook in his body. After that one of the officers decides to run back to the trail but then falls in a hole that was a disguised as a pile of leaves and inside the hole were cannibal rats that chewed the officer to death, As he screamed in agony before a rat entered his mouth before he took his last breath.
There was three officers left as one of them wiped out his pistol and stuck in his mouth then pulled the trigger. Now there are only two officers left as they both look at each other and ran opposite directions away from the shack. Now a banging noise is coming from inside the shack. Winslow tries to find a way into the shack as Summers is trying to see if there is a entrance through the roof. Hearing a noise from the distance. Sheriff Winslow then pulls out his pistol and points it in the direction where the noise is coming from. It was one of the officers. “Is everything alright sir? He questioned Winslow. 
Winslow slowly puts his pistol down and shakes his head and puts his arm around his neck and grabs it and says, “Well were are in one fucked up situation you see-” Before he can finish the officer draws on him but doesn’t get a shot off as Summer's fires at the officer and kills him. They are both stunned as the officer is now dead. Sheriff Winslow goes back to investigate the shack. 
A voice comes from inside the shack, “You seek the pilot?” then it screams, “You seek the pilot?” The two look at each other with a puzzled look on their face. Then the voice says, “I can take you to the pilot if you get me out of here!” The voice screamed louder as the two just stood stiffly still looking over at each other with amazement. 
“Maybe coming to this island was a bad idea?” said Summers as he changed his tone of being curious to being frightened. Sheriff Winslow then spit on the shack. 
“It was your destiny kid, It was your destiny.” Sheriff Winslow then grabs the axe that killed one of the officers and starts hacking at the shack. He broke though the wall seeing that there was a man inside the shack with his whole body ripped open from inside out but still alive. 
“I am in a great deal of pain I want you to shoot me after I tell you this…” Said the stranger that was in the corner of the shack bleeding to death. 
“The pilot is a magical person who crossed over to another realm with his plane. He was then possessed by a power known as the Umagal. The Umagal gave him special powers as he claims to be evil. He sacrificed his own life and the lives of others who went aboard his flight to obtain this power. This sacrifice made him sick and turned him into a demented person. The pilot told me his story as I was a ‘roamy’ (which is a person who roams the island freely solo) and gave me the power to survive being cut open like this and endure the pain as my body dies out from starvation. My time has been cut short from simple wishful thinking. I tell you the pilot is not far from this spot for he is only five minutes away from this shack that he built with magic. Now please, end my misery and put a bullet in my head.” Said the survivor as Winslow gave him his wish and shot him in the head after he told his story. 
“Now what?” Asked Summers 
“We find this bastard pilot and we burn him alive.” Answered Winslow. 
“But this pilot is dangerous and magical, we stand no chance to his power.” Explained Summers. 
“Marcus let me tell you something. We are not connected with the real world any more. The Earth reality you are so use to and the reality you were born in is now gone. Now are you with me or not in finding  this bastard?” Asked Winslow. 
Marcus bowed his head in agreement as both of them began walking in silence to find the pilot. The two went deeper in the woods and looked on the ground with their flashlights to make sure they don’t fall into any traps. All the traps must of been magical and were set up was to wipe out a huge crowd of people that the pilot expected when he made all the traps. The two walked for a while before coming across another building. Another wooden shack but this time it was painted all red. The red brightness of it shined off the moonlight creating a glow. The two begin to check around the shack and notice no entrance in the this one either.
“Let’s burn this bitch down to the ground.”  yelled Winslow as he was reaching from some matches.  
He reaches for some matches and feels a gentle cold breeze on his neck as he strikes the match the fire goes out instantly. As he’s striking the match a gust of wind at the same time rushed in as he sparked it. As he strikes the match the fire goes out instantly. Looking around he feels a soft breeze he hears a whisper, it’s translating something to english from another language he’s never heard before. He looked over at Summers and noticed that two tree had split him apart as a huge branch was going into his mouth and another branch was going into his rectum. The Sheriff froze he couldn’t move as he looked down and noticed he was slowly sinking in quicksand as he felt a sharp boiling pain shoot up and down his leg but he couldn’t even yell. The Sheriff felt paralyzed and was speechless at the same time. Glancing over at Summer he notices the tree fucks him until he dies as his body starts falling apart from the two branches in his mouth and in his asshole. The pilot is still alive. 

The pilot is wicked and knows how to communicate with nature to make it do his bidding. The wickedness of the trees are bound to deliver us from our sins. We have not sinned on this island though. The sin entered when the pilot did. The pilot has no face, no name. We have no clue who the pilot is or what is purpose is on this island. Nothing makes sense anymore. The pilot might be dead and we might just be going through his traps. The pilot is not a pilot at all for the pilot is an alien? 

The pilot must not be from this world just be. “To adapt to this world he had to be human and to he had to adapt to all of the wickedness and evil that we have spread throughout this world. It must of corrupted his soul causing him to be deranged. For ‘The Pilot’ set up traps to take as many lives as he wanted because for we are all victims of death. The pilot is just the person to take us to the promised land. Maybe the pilot will kill us all in a horrible wicked way for us running away and trying to escape the good life when really we all were selfishness and thought we could take a short cut but learned we can not take shortcuts. The Pilot is all of us and we only made it human because of our evil ways.”

Thank You SO MUCH if you read this story it means alota alota alota! I love you all! 

Written By: RyDyno
Edited By: DaBombz 


  1. I love it I saw it in the morgue, funny people thought it was real until they read the tree part lol

  2. I don't think it's too long like what others say I just kept reading more and more because I really had no clue what you were going say next.

  3. hahaha I see the copy now


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