The Tree Speaks Terror #6


          I have a story to tell, like all trees I am one with the woods. I was once with the woods. I remember growing from a little seed to a magnificent statue of wood. My soul is deep running through the roots of my nature to complete my being. I saw many falls, and I seen many winters; I have lost my leafs; I have grown new ones. I have shredded bark but always had the water to grow back stronger.
           I have lived for over thousands of years. I have lost count through the falls, winters, springs and summers. To my story though, I must tell you. I have no clue how I became a tree or why do I have feelings and thoughts at all? The horror I have felt and been apart of is pure evil. Life is beautiful and nobody and I mean nobody should take it for granted. The time was now I met these so-called humans. I for one could have been one of my earlier days as my soul travels from one living organism to the next. They had what they called a prisoner and outlaw to the society. Using my branch they used what they called a rope and hung the poor fellow on my branch. The worst of it all they let him hang for days. Luckily somebody cut him down on the seventh day and the terror only lasted for one week. Times have changed and as seasons passed another mob came through and they hung a black fellow. They hung four of them on four different branches.
           I was leaking water in the ground for I had sympathy and what was labeled human emotions. I had the felt sadness as my branches were hanging what was once life and now is death. I couldn’t do anything about it for I was captured in the ground. I had none magical power where I can conjure up a storm and flood the people away that took part in this horrible act. Teaching me life was the one they called the "meaning fairy" that this was a lynch mob. The meaning fairy is a white and yellow bright orb that talks to living trees. We gain knowledge and understanding from the orb so we have a clue what’s going on in the real world and the world that we are in as trees.
          The lynch mob made me furious and the act of humans were uncalled for this current time. I had no clue about the heinous acts of the humankind until the lynch mob. I have witness murder and the dark side of the world which many other trees don’t experience in their lifetime living five thousand years or more. I question the fairy why I must experience such awful acts of random violence. The fairy told me that I am the tree that was chosen.

       Years have passed and I understand the ways of the humans. I saw that a bunch of men with axe cut almost every tree around me down and left in the backyard to a brand new house that was being built. Years later the house had a family and then sold the house to a new family. Ten years have passed, I was needed once again. The father and his child used me as a house. They called it a tree house. I was very pleased at this for I felt like I was the protector of this little boy. A tragedy happened though one night as the boy fell out of the tree and died. I couldn’t do anything as I saw a boy fall from me to the ground and lay there helpless as he twitched and twitched to close his eyes and stop moving and then he stopped breathing. 
          The pain I felt for the boy and the life I see of the humans being put to waste as us trees we get to live on this Earth with roots in the soil for a long time. However, some of life is cut short so we are in the mix of you humans but our lives can continue for a long time. The family ended up moving away, and I never saw the father again after his son had passed away. I wish somebody would come along and axe me and just let me fall but no I still stand here, stuck, just waiting on adventures as they come to present me a story. 
          One did that thing as a boy somehow could read my thoughts and somehow heard me. The boy was known as a tree hugger. The newspaper when he the boy was a teenager labeled him the first and only tree whisperer. Many didn’t believe this teen could talk to trees, but he understood me. The teen became a phenomenon from my stories and digging up information from this first hanging and proving it was true. The local newspaper went wild with the story. The fame came with a price though as the teen was harassed daily by other peers and outside media outlets. The teen was labeled a nasty phrase in the human world, “tree fucker”. This put him in deep depression. He would come and talk like I am talking to you. 
           One night he came up to me with an axe and an evil look on his face. He hacked away on my tree as I felt the sharp pain of the blade enter my wood as It shot up pain through all of my wood. I felt every swing and chop as I screamed in pain and begged him to stop. He did, and he looked at me and gave me a hug. It was a hug that lasted for about five minutes as he pulled out a rope from his bag and climbed to one of my big branches, tied the rope on the big branch and then proceeded to hang himself. Sacrificing himself instead of cutting me down.


  1. ^LOL yes and I believe he will be paper in part 2. RIGHT?

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