The Mattress #7

Welcome...We have been expecting you... 
      Most people use me for sex. Everyone uses me to sleep on. I am a lonely beat up mattress. I sit here and lay in the garbage field waiting to become nothing more than collected energy through the wind and dust. Before I go, I have a story to tell. The night of terrors and the night of the waken abyss. I think it’s the thought of memory that gives us entities our power. Everyone is combined up from the same substance with this label the humans called the soul. I was freshly made in a factory and clueless how I became a mattress. My one and only owner was a woman who just bought an apartment. Her name was Kandy. The woman was a sweet, enjoyable character that was jolly all the time.             
       However, that all changed one night when an intruder broke into the apartment and raped her. Echoing in my memory forever is her screams as her face was muffled in me. Nothing I can do as I had to witness the most horrifying thing of my existence. I absorbed so many of her tears as she was crying during the whole session. 

Four years have passed and every night she would curl up to a book to read as the moonlight would shine bright in the room reflecting deep in her eyes as she cried herself to sleep. Everyone in her family was deceased  as she was truly alone in the world to fight for herself. Scared to even go out at nights she decides to seek a physiatrist. The doctor prescribes her to a new medicine called “Xarola”. I know all of this because she talks to herself every night. Little did she know I was all ears every night as I heard every story she had to tell to herself. I felt so bad for her at times and always wanted to make it known I was there but couldn’t. Xarola made the situation of her talking to herself worse. She started to talk to herself in the mirror in her room. A different kind of person was coming out of her. A dark side she named herself Kane. Which was weird because she called herself Kandy Kane. She would always say I am not Kandy without the Kane. 
       Nights have passed, and she is going through a weird transformation. She starts cutting herself and then licking the wounds. Kane would speak when she did this and always encourage herself to do it again. She was getting more deranged every night. One night she totally changed and was cutting her own hair. She died in black with streaks of red to create a new look for herself. She then dressed like she never ever dressed before in all leather with a short black mini skirt and a cute leather dress that was all black with shades of white. 

          She then went out and returned with a male gentleman. The man mumbled something and then was quickly pushed and thrown onto the bed as Kandy Kane got on top of him quickly.
 She ripped his shirt off and dug her nails in his chest as he was screaming. She then choked his throat and bent down to whisper in his ear and said,     
       “What’s wrong you don’t like this foreplay?” Kane said with a smile on her face as she was bouncing up and down on his chest. She then reached under the pillow and whipped out a large steel knife and jabbed it in his neck. The blood squirted everywhere as she just laughed and stabbing away as the guy choked on his blood as I felt his body run cold as I felt the warm blood drip on me. I had no clue now what was going on and how this ever took that dark of a turn. 

          That was the last of me with no explanation of why this woman turned out to be a psycho. I blame the society and I blame the medication she was put on trying to cope with her depression. She tapped into a monster and that monster killed an innocent person who was just looking to meet a woman. It all started with the intruder and his actions of rape set off a chain reaction for her to kill somebody. The terrible deed she has to live with the rest of her life and the horrible acts she committed. She felt no sorrow as she began to take pill after pill with a glass of wine. Committing suicide. The woman then spins out of control in rage and drops on the bed. It’s over, this whole mess and my experience in this dark situation is over. The intruder now killed two people with one action. The intruder was a sick man that was triggered by another sick man to keep the wheel going in a cycle. Unfortunately in the cycle of evilness, nobody is safe from its doing. Nobody is safe when evil enters the world for evil has the same free will as anybody or anything that enter the world. Choices we make every day reflect a chain reaction that determine the outcome of each choice we make. I have no choices at all. I have no opportunities and no will. No desire and I have no action to take and no moves to make. My life is boring and I wish every waking moment I was human. So many humans wish away their status and life and some humans even go as far as taking it as did Kandy Kane. I just wanna live for the moment and make choices. I am now waiting in the cold and wet fields for my day to burn and be reunited energy with my soul and to travel the far distant lands to once again be placed in a vessel to roam around once again.

Do you believe my story? Or do you believe in eternal happiness? I am telling you to believe me, I am a mattress and I just told you a story! So do me a favor and think about being human and remember you could've been me, so sleep on that, why don’t you. 


  1. all your stories about rape ass hole nobody wants to read that tuna garbage


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