Katie's Story - Matthew

     Hi I’m Katie. Katie Fox. I was the mother of three beautiful children and had a loving husband named Dennis. This all changed when I decided to hire a nanny to help care for my children and help out with some housework.

     After interviewing a few people, I decided that a girl named Jessica was the right fit for the job. Neither my husband or any of my kids seemed to agree with my opinion but I just put that to the side. I thought that it would just take some time for them to get used to the new addition to the household. 

    A couple weeks after Jessica started working for us, I left her with the kids alone while I went out grocery shopping. The kids were beginning to get used to her so I had no problem leaving them alone. 

    At the store, my neighbor, Beverly, worked as a cashier. As I was getting some food checked out by her at the cash, she told me about a family website and said that I did a very good job creating it. This confused the hell out of me as neither my husband or I created a website based on our family.

   As soon as I got home, I typed in the site name. I was terrified to see that there were pictures of the whole family. Under our pictures, there were our names and ages. There was also a mysterious date at the bottom of the site which was exactly two weeks from it was at the time.

    I was about to call the police but Jessica told me it was better if I didn’t. She said that since there obviously had been a stalker, they’d know if I alerted authorities. As much as I wanted to not listen to Jessica, I decided that she knew best. I had grown a strong trust for her throughout the last few weeks and we became closer than I ever thought was possible.

    A few more days past after I initially discovered the website and started noticing odd behavior from my youngest son, Jake. He was never one to talk a lot and so it was surprising when he started talking to himself. He also claimed to have an imaginary friend named Jerry.

    Jerry would supposedly communicate to him through a whiteboard. Jake said that when no one was around, Jerry would write messages on the board and he would reply. This was similar to something I did as a child and so I didn’t think much of it. 

    The thing that scared me was that Tim, my middle child, was also getting in on this imaginary friend thing. He too would leave messages on the board and get “replies” from the imaginary friend. This kind of stuff went on longer than I expected and at one point Jake even got into a fight with his imaginary friend. 

    This was the beginning of the horror. Jake started receiving threats and instructions of self harm from his friend. I didn't find this out until one day I walked into his room and found him slicing cuts into his arm. I rushed over to take away the knife but he continued almost like I wasn't there. 

     Blood soon started to pour out from one of his cuts and he threw the knife onto the ground starting to cry. He explained to me that Jerry wanted him to kill himself.

     I decided to take away the board in hopes that this stuff would stop but to my surprise, it didn’t. Jake started receiving more threats on pieces of paper this time. I went into his room one day to find a note instructing him to sit on the edge of the roof. The writing was in kids writing so I never would have thought this was the work of someone else. 

    I ran outside and found Jake on the roof. When he saw me, Jake showed me another note that said for him to stay there for five minutes. He refused to get down any sooner and while he was up there, Dennis arrived home from work.

    He was just as surprised as I was but agreed to wait the full five minutes before getting him down. Finally, Jake was ready to come down and he carefully climbed down the back side of the house where it was easy to climb since there were things you could grip onto.

    We all went inside without saying anything. My oldest son, Daniel, and Tim were playing in the playroom. I noticed that Tim was acting extra violent making gun noises and pretending to stab the toys Daniel was playing with.

     I called Tim out of the room and asked him if he was the one writing the notes to his brother. Tim immediately denied this saying that Jerry was the one. I then decided to ask why he was acting so violent and he said that Jerry wanted him to become a killer like the ones you hear about in the news.

     This answer really shocks me as I knew Tim had always wanted to be famous. Anyone he would see on TV he would point at and yell out “Famous people!” even when there were killers in the news. 

    I let Tim go back to the playroom and tell Dennis what Tim just said. Dennis tells me that he was talking to Daniel and he said he was the first victim of murder. Dennis asked why he said this and he said this was what Jerry told him.

    It turns out that all three of the kids had been communicating with this imaginary friend. After thinking about it for a bit, Dennis and I pieced together that they all had titles. Jake was the one to commit suicide, Tim was the first victim of murder and Daniel was the first to die.

    At this point, I still hadn’t told Dennis about the website and made Jessica do the same. I let Dennis stay in the playroom with the kids while I went to check the site for any new updates. I starting to think that Jerry couldn’t have been one of the kids. He was far too wise and my oldest son was only 10. 

    Just as the site was loading up, Dennis walked into my room. He was furious to see the painted pictures of us immediately knowing that we have been getting stalked. He gives me shit for not telling him before something caught our attention. Under our names were the titles given to us. The kids had their titles and we had ours. Dennis was given the title “Last to die” while I was given the title “Survivor”.

    Dennis is about to call the police when I convince him not to. I tell him that the stalker is most likely in the house as we speak and can easily kill us if they see the police are being called. Dennis agrees and gives me a dirty look as he walks out of the room. 

    “I’m sorry!” I shout out be he doesn’t hear me and I soon break out into tears regretting trying to have kept this from him.

    The rest of the days go by longer and longer as we approach the said date. I catch Jake trying to harm himself while Tim cheers on a killer he saw on the news. The only person who doesn’t seem to be affected by this is Daniel who has been talking less and less each day.

    The day finally arrives and I am terrified. Both Dennis and I had a hard time falling asleep the night before. As Dennis eventually fell asleep, I stayed up  for the remainder of the night tossing and turning. I did end up falling asleep at four in the morning and had a terrifying nightmare about someone in a mask murdering my family.

    Unfortunately, what was about to happen later that day was far worse than I was able to dream up. 

    I immediately went on the website when I woke up. I was almost half expecting to see an update telling us we had been pranked. This is sadly not the case and I see that there have now been times added under our names.

    The first person to show up on the site was Jake. The time read 8:30 am. This was just a few minutes away from the current time and I ran to his room. He was still sleeping and so I stayed by his side hoping that I would be able to save him from whatever was to come. At 8:29 he woke up and looked like he was determined to do something as if he just woke up for that. He asks me to leave the room so he could get changed. Though I am hesitant, I decide to listen thinking that maybe showing no hesitation could stop this.

    Jake usually takes a few minutes to get changed as he likes to choose his outfit carefully. I decide to wait five minutes before knocking on the door. There is no answer. “Jake” I call starting to sound worried. With no answer about a minute later, I decide to go in. Jake is hanging from a rope he tied to the light of his room. “Nooooo” I yell running over to him.

    As I’m screaming Jessica runs into the room with both Daniel and Tim. “You left him alone?!” Jessica asks impatiently. I try to explain to her that I thought if I rebelled against Jake’s instructions, the worst wouldn’t happen.

    I instruct everyone to go to Daniel’s room where there is a closet we can hide in. I know the stalker is in the house so there is no use in trying to call the police. The next person on the site is Daniel and then it is Tim. Both of them have the same time under their names and it is 9:00 am. 

    The four of us stay in the closet with our arms wrapped around each other. A few minutes later we hear someone walk into the room. “I know you're in here” says a muffled female voice. “You shouldn’t have left Jake alone…” as soon as these words were said, I burst into tears. 

     “You can’t stop this” the muffled voice continues. “This will go exactly as I planned”. 

     The voice then starts counting down from five. Once she gets to zero she calls out that its 8:59. Tim immediately starts squirming around out of the grip of my arms and then grabs Daniel. “Nooo” Daniel yells as Tim drags him out of the closet. I try to chase after them but Jessica convinces me to stay where it is safe. 

     “Here” I hear the voice outside the closet say. I then hear Daniel shout to Tim to put the gun down but it’s too late. A gunshot goes off and Daniel’s screaming stops.

    The girl outside the closet then instructs for the both of us to follow her.  We walk past Daniel’s body and see that Tim has left the room. The stalker then leads us to the basement and ties us up with a rope she got from her pocket. We are then left downstairs with our arms tied together.

    “I’m sorry” Jessica says once the girl is gone. “For what?” I ask in a confused voice. What Jessica was about to explain to me was probably one of the worst things I was ever told in my life. She explained to me that she used to attend the same high school as Dennis and that he used to bully her. She wrote down all of the names of her bullies and decided to start tracking them down almost 15 years later. Dennis was the first on the list.

    The girl who was keeping us hostage turned out to be someone else who Dennis used to bully back in high school. Jessica and the hostage driver, Emma had been planning this for a long time. The only thing that wasn’t planned was Emma turning her back on Jessica of course. 

    It was hard for me to let this news sink in. Someone who I had trusted so much turned out to be someone who was planning to kill my family. I was speechless. Jessica then started explaining to me that when she chose the titles for us all, she chose me as the one survivor because of our close relationship. She wanted to back out of this plan when she got used to the family but it was too late. This girl was a master manipulator and I knew first hand from the “Jerry” character she was playing.

    I don’t say anything back to Jessica as I just staired ahead in the distance unable to find the right words to say. I would have killed her right there if I had the weapons but I also kind of felt bad for her.

    I knew the reason why Emma decided to betray her partner was because she was starting to gain a friendship with me. That still didn’t make me forgive her for being a part of this obviously. 

    The rest of the time in the basement seemed to go by surprisingly fast. I was day dreaming quite a bit and dozed off a few times. I knew it was the opposite for Jessica though.

    Despite my prayers that Dennis would know not to come home, he did. I heard the front door open and him shout out Emma’s name. He then burst into tears and I heard Tim shout out “Bye dad!” A gunshot goes off.

    Emma and Tim go down to the basement. Tim stares at me for a couple seconds before bursting into tears. “I’m sorry” he says as Emma passes him the gun. At this point,. I dont have the energy to try and stop him so I just watch motionless. The last person left in my family has died.

    Emma unties both Jessica and myself. I walk out of the house to see police cars arriving. This is the last thing I remember before gaining my consciousness back at the police station. I try to explain what happened but no one believes me. They treat me like a psycho and think I made the story up about Jessica and Emma. 

   According to their records, neither Jessica or Emma existed.


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