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Katie's Story - Matthew

Hi I’m Katie. Katie Fox. I was the mother of three beautiful children and had a loving husband named Dennis. This all changed when I decided to hire a nanny to help care for my children and help out with some housework.

     After interviewing a few people, I decided that a girl named Jessica was the right fit for the job. Neither my husband or any of my kids seemed to agree with my opinion but I just put that to the side. I thought that it would just take some time for them to get used to the new addition to the household. 

    A couple weeks after Jessica started working for us, I left her with the kids alone while I went out grocery shopping. The kids were beginning to get used to her so I had no problem leaving them alone. 

    At the store, my neighbor, Beverly, worked as a cashier. As I was getting some food checked out by her at the cash, she told me about a family website and said that I did a very good job creating it. This confused the hell out of me as neither my husband …